The True Definition of Air Ambulance

This is a t-shirt I have designed to say what our local air ambulance services does to people. This is healthcare’s best way to control patient outcomes. The air ambulance service makes sure that patients arrive not being able to make their own medical decisions. This is makes it easier for the hospital to do whatever they want to that patient like molest them as they did in my husband’s case. They will falsify the medical records in order to justify their actions. They have no problem in abusing their patients by making sure they take away that patient’s right to decide. They can easily accomplish what they want as they totally isolate the patient from the family while in route. They can inject drugs such as fentanyl and versed into a patient’s IV and the patient is totally unaware. They will record in the medical records the patient was in intense pain. This guarantees most patients will arrive for an unconsented for procedure submissive and compliant so the hospital can forget the patient ultimately has the right to decide treatment options. This helps fuel the hospital’s need to make big money on their gold standard treatment of the moment such as Cardiac Catheterization. It makes the time more enjoyable for the hospital staff because the patient will just lay quietly and let them do whatever they want including just exposing them for fun and entertainment. That is why it is done to provide hospital staff entertainment at the patient’s expense.

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