Hospital Sanctioned Sexual Abuse

A brief word before I start.  I am not going cite a bunch of studies and articles.  That is not to say that I cannot back up my comments because I can but to me, it is distracting to have to read all of the works cited.  This is mostly my opinion from real life experiences and from what articles I have read.  As I build my website, I will be listing various articles and studies that you may review on your own.


While it true that when we have medical encounters, we can expect at some time that we may have to expose our breasts, vaginas, testicles, or penises.  However, what we don’t anticipate is the manner in which this may be done, why it is being done, and to whom is viewing our nudity.  What many people don’t understand is the complete lack of sensitivity, compassion, and lack of respect for basic human dignity that many hospital workers have.

I have read that nursing is the most trusted profession.  I am absolutely stunned!  Do people really think that?  Why would they think that?  Could it be that burying our heads in the sand and pretending that nurses are not capable of sexually inappropriate behavior?  Could be denying that those 20 something nurses and techs are not creatures that have sexual desires?  Could we also be denying that like most humans they view are genitals in a sexual manner while they are doing their jobs of prep?  Are we that naïve that we don’t realize that when we are laying there naked and drugged that they are taking inventory and making their own private inventory of us?

There are many articles about male nurses/techs sexually assaulting female patients.  However, it is rare to see such a story about a female nurse/tech.  Why is that?  Is it because females don’t have sexual feelings and act on them?  Is it because in real life females never initiate sexual contact?  Of course, that is not the case especially in today’s age of everything goes and is allowed if you are of the female gender.  Or could it be that males have been subjected to having to have intimate care given by female nurses/techs for years and that society has told them this is acceptable and men do not complain about their personal dignity being abused?

I am female and I have had male doctors.  I like male doctors even less than female doctors but I tolerate them.  However, I have never been in the position of being drugged and defenseless with a male doctor or a room full of male nurses/techs.  For male patients, this scenario is common.  During the course of their lifetime, the overwhelming majority of males will at some point, be naked, drugged, and probably have their memory of the event purposely erased.  They may even remember being in the midst of an all-female team of nurses/techs, naked and exposed.

For anyone undergoing surgery or a heart catheterization procedure, it is scary.  But also what is scary that is either sugar-coated or glossed over is the amount of unnecessary exposure that all patients have to endure.  The even scarier part is that most patients are given drugs like Versed whose primary purpose is its ability to erase memories.  They may label it as an anti-anxiety drug but the real purpose it or a drug like it is given is to erase memory.  It sounds like something from a Nazi concentration camp and to me, it is.  I don’t think that anyone should have the right to decide what memories we are allowed to have or not.  I think this drug and others like it crosses a very serious ethical dilemma.  It should be banned or used only under the strictest regulations and never without absolute patient knowledge and consent.

For females, the surgery team has a greater chance of being made up of mostly women.  However, from several sources I have read that a female requesting an all-female team may in fact get males.  This is done, in my mind, because doctors don’t like patients telling them how to run their operation.  Never mind the fact the operation is on you and ultimately you are the boss and the medical personnel are in fact your temporary employees.  Many doctors have long had the attitude that patients should not and furthermore will and do not have say in the manner in which their medical care is delivered or even a say in what type of treatment is needed.   And even more to the point, many patients let them get away with this attitude.  I feel this is done out of fear as the doctor literally has the power of life and death and the quality of which life may have.  If this is the case, would you let a known car thief borrow your car?  Probably not so why would you let a doctor control something so invaluable as your life without question or asserting your rights?

For males, it is almost a given the majority of the team will be female.  To that, most will be young females.  Today’s society has not done well in teaching our younger society members to be respectful especially of men.  Men bear the burden of everything that has gone wrong with the world since the beginning of time especially now that the MeToo movement has come to the forefront.  I think many younger females may base their actions on what they see and hear from the media.  I also think that many nurses/techs act out against the tyranny the surgeon displays towards the female staff by abusing their drugged, naked, and vulnerable male patients.

From experience I have had knowledge of, male patients are left exposed unnecessarily.  This is done for who knows why but the fact remains it happens.  Some procedures, such as heart catheterizations, the lower genital region of a male patient may be left exposed during the entire prep (shaving too) time.  There is no need for this but it happens far more frequently than we probably know.  Some facilities say they use a blue towel but the towel usually is not placed until after the alcohol type prep is done and dried but the blue towel has a tendency to move out of place.  There are garments that a patient could put on called Covr that indeed covers the area but still allows full access to the groin area.  However, not many facilities have initiated the use of these garments as they simply don’t think patient dignity concerns are an issue.  After all, we all same the same body parts and they are professional.   However, they are not the ones naked.  Maybe if they were naked with clear plastics covers it would make that argument more agreeable but they do value and guard their dignity but not ours.  It is also a common fact that medical rarely go to the facility they work at for procedures that require them to be naked and exposed in front of their peers.  If it doesn’t matter because we all have the same body parts…?

We know that patients are naked, drugged so they have little or no more memory recall in the OR or cath lab.  We know that the consent forms give them the right to have whoever they want in attendance when the patient is exposed.  We also know that many people are addicted to their smartphones—smartphones are the ones with cameras.  I don’t imagine many people are aware that many institutions allow medical staff to use their cell phones in OR and in other patient care areas.  This is very scary.  It could perhaps be a selfie that that accidentally includes the naked patient in the background or it could be an intentional picture of the naked patient to post on social media to show and make some comment about their anatomy.  You may never know it until someday someone recognizes your face, your breast, or your penis.  By that time, you have been sexually assaulted thousands of time.  There is no way smartphones should be allowed for staff use in patient care areas.  Only devices facility owned without camera ability should be allowed in patient care areas PERIOD.


Consider the female nurse in a patient room where the male patient is drugged and not able to defend themselves and this male patient is left with his penis and testicles exposed for hours.  The curtain is not drawn.  Other staff members come into the room.  These may be staff members like techs who draw blood, who do housekeeping duties, IT techs, or even other nurses who come to chat to the nurse.  Why is it okay to leave a drugged male patient exposed?  There is no medical reason for this being done.  In fact, it is detrimental to the patient’s health to leave them exposed and cold.  Not to mention to their mental health.  This is a form of sexual abuse.  If the male patient was not drugged, then the nurse would not have done this.  If this happens to a female patient/male nurse, then the alarm bells would ring but since this happened to a male patient—who cares?  He is only a man and nurses are the most trusted profession.  So what if they fail to uphold their oath of protecting their patient’s dignity and fail to guard their patient from harm both physically and mentally?  This type of sexual abuse is real and occurs more than we probably know.  Unnecessarily exposing any patient is sexual abuse.  Sexual crimes are crimes of control and this is exactly what medical staff do—they try to control us while we are in their facility.  We are told what we can do, what drugs they will give us, what their treatment plan is, what food they will allow us to eat, when we can or can’t have visitors—like I said in another blog article-prison.  Why was is this type of exposure taking place?  A drugged, vulnerable male laying exposed and alone for hours with two nurses while they are laughing.  This is sexual abuse.  What were they doing?  The Versed drug man does not know.  That was intended and furthermore, the nurses know the man’s vulnerable because of the drugs.

There are many pictures all over the Internet of various surgical procedures.  Some of them show male patients getting prepped for knee surgery with his penis exposed and later show a picture of his face.  Why was his penis exposed should be the question?  Access to that area was not needed as no foley catheter was used.  Why are stripped naked for surgeries not requiring access to their breasts, vaginas, and/or penises?  Why do the heart catheterization sites either not address the exposure or say your dignity is respected when it is not?  If they are exposing your genital area without real cause then it is sexual abuse.  My guess it is a power control issue.  It fully makes individuals vulnerable and takes away their dignity.  Medical people don’t like to think of patients as being human.  They tend to think of us as objects placed in their care for manipulation.


Many aspects of medical care are kept in a veil of secrecy.  If the general public only knew what really happens then things would change.  It is the plan of the medical community to keep their inter-workings a secret.  When you complain to hospital administration, they sweep it under the rug.  They make excuses or say this didn’t happen.  But they know this happens.  This is why I say sexual abuse of male patients is hospital sanctioned.  It is my plan to expose them.

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  1. I have no idea how old this article is but I thank you for publishing it as it hits home for me. I am going in for a cystoscopy and urolift tomorrow. The urologist is a female but that isn’t what worries me. I didn’t get any info on prep so I am unsure about shaving, etc. As a preteen, I was molested twice at Boy Scout camp by older boys. Since then I’ve been EXtremely insecure about size (lack of) issues and I am in therapy for that as well as other things. At one time it was bad enough I was even contemplating suicide. I have decided at least for the past 25 years to not even attempt to initiate a relationship with anyone. I am 60 years old now. I’ve heard stories of female nurses taking pictures and losing their job because of it. I guess I just need you to give me some idea of what control I have during the procedure. I know you probably won’t get this for a few days so I am kind of looking for what signs to look for. I am happy to see that I can refuse a catheter as I was going to argue that since they can’t feel the pain I would only agree to one if I put it in. I apologize for being so long winded and want to stress how important your article was to me in relieving some of my stress! God bless!

    1. I apologize for taking so long to getting back but I have been doing a lot of social media trying to grow numbers for patient reform. Yes, there a many males who have suffered sexual assault so medical encounters are especially bad times for them. There is an issue within healthcare that male patients do not deserve the same level of personal dignity offered to female patients. I hope from this site you know you have rights to be treated with personal dignity. You have the right to refuse chaperones especially if they are of a different gender. Them tell you need Trauma Informed Care protocols as you are a survivor of sexual assault. This is part of the ADA and they must comply. Many times female staff who violate male patients get away with it as no one wants to believe female nurses have perverted characteristics but they do just as we assign to male perverts. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the procedure they must stop. You have rights. Tell them you insist on proper draping and only exposing if medically necessary and who you will accept touching you or seeing you. There is a great resource called Medical Patient Modesty which has some great information on what I would rather call patient dignity as modesty infers there is an issue with the patient rather than what it is that all patients deserve dignity and respect. Remember Your Body, Your Choice. Make sure to read all Consent Forms to make sure they include anything you have verbally asked for as verbal is not binding. Good luck.

      1. Wow
        What planet did you come from? The vast majority of medical professionals are just trying to take care of in spite of your misguided ignorance.

        1. I came from a spot on the planet called Indiana. You call me ignorant but then exactly what would you call what your views of naively believing that medical workers do no harm. It wasn’t on our radar that night for my husband to be medically assaulted twice and then to be sexually assaulted. It happens. You have no warning which ones are going to do harm. The system protects them and allows them to continue to harm until hundreds have been harmed and maybe they will never be caught. It may make you feel better to call me ignorant and continue to live in your planet state of denial but when it happens to you or someone you love, just remember you were told about such patient harm years before. And by the way, medical harm is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US surpassing the death toll of COVID. Many more harm deaths go unreported and medical harm without dying as in my husband’s case has no official record being kept. Medical harm is like playing Russian Roulette. Keep that in mind!

          1. Wonder what planet J wil comes from? Because J wil abuse does happen. I just experienced it not long ago during a heart cath while in a much respected hospital. Total exposure. Having had a heart cath before I knew it was unnecessary and spoke up, but yes you are very drugged and are not fully conscious and as such they tried to ignore me but I kept at it. If you truly believe that is doesn’t happen then you are either telling yourself a story of untruth or covering for medical personnel. This was not my only experience. Being “out” does not give privileges and if one believes this and practices it, they have affinity to rapists and other abusers. Sure some medical personnel are respectful, many, many are not. I do not trust medical personnel anymore – they are human and as the article states they may act like anyone else given a sense of power and an ability to abuse. Something needs done and I am glad to see that it is happening.

          2. Well said. Patients needs to be educated about what really happens during a heart cath. It is a very intrusive and invasive procedure. I am working on making Patient Rights a real issue and to bring about change.

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