Not Patient Centered Care

Healthcare in America is not Patient Centered Care (PCC) as the healthcare industry would like us to believe. It may be Physician Centered Care or even Hospital Centered Care but certainly healthcare in the US is not patient-friendly or even there for the benefit of the patient. The patient is merely the tool in which they use to make money or to control. According to an article by T.R. Reid for The Atlantic, healthcare made more than 3.4 trillion dollars in 2016 or in more plain terms, $1 out of every $6 is spent on healthcare. It is big business but it is not consumer friendly.

So what do we get for all the money that is spent on healthcare? For too many, they get on board the lifetime train of pills and procedures. For some, while they are on board of the train of pills and procedures, they get more than they bargained for by the way of medical and sexual assault. However, to be medically or sexually assaulted while receiving healthcare is perfectly acceptable. Just ask Medicare via CMS vis Livanta. Just ask most any attorney who refuses representation of a client who has been assaulted. Just ask any hospital administrator what they think about when a patient tells them of an assault especially if the patient was a male. Just ask any health insurance provider. No one cares except the assaulted and their families. In the US as I don’t know about any other countries, nurses are idolized. They are put upon pedestals. They can do no wrong. They are the most trusted class of workers in this country. Most nurses are females at over 90% of them being female. Male nurses aren’t normally as trusted or idolized. Male nurses generally are not in intimate care situations with female patients such as in labor or delivery. Most published stories of nurses sexually abusing a patient is that of a male nurse/female patient. Usually conscious women have the option of asking for a female nurse for intimate care. It is when they are unconscious, drugged, or otherwise incapacitated that most of the sexual abuse incidents may happen. For male patients, there are few male nurses. Most of their care will be delivered by a female nurse. Also, the majority of techs in a hospital are also female except mammogram techs are almost always female whereas prostate ultrasound techs are generally female performing such an intimate procedure on the male patient.

However, even when women are having surgery their request for an all female staff may be ignored by the hospital as what they don’t know is okay to happen. After all, while someone is a patient they cannot expect to have their personal dignity respected. Hence is why the US is so reliant upon pre-anesthetic and during surgery anesthetic drugs. Before surgery is when the prep happens. The hospital performs prep with their patients drugged so they cannot resist and also cannot remember.  Prep is generally done in a matter of convenience for the staff and not with the dignity of the patient in mind.  In other words, because the drugs may make a patient submissive, disinhibited, and erase memories, it allows the staff to have the patient totally exposed when not necessary.  The reasoning is that it takes less time and consideration of the staff if the patient is totally naked.  It may save the staff a few seconds of time in the covering and uncovering of a patient but does justify the sacrificing of patient dignity/respect?  Sacrificing personal dignity is of no concern to them because it is not perpetrated on them.  For their care, they generally go to a different facility because being left totally naked for anyone and everyone to see and comment on does matter at least when there are the subject of the exposure.  However, they will tell a patient who may object that they have seen in all before, that don’t have something different, etc. but it does matter to the one who is being exposed. 

I am in no way questioning the sometimes necessity of genitals being exposed for a medical necessity.  There are certain procedures which require it as there as also certain procedures that do not require it.  I am questioning the constant need for medical staff to expose patients unnecessarily without any thought to patient dignity or respect.  It is a question also of how it is done.  Is the exposure explained to the patient beforehand?  Has the patient been given gender care choice?  Are drugs being used to primarily accommodate the staff’s treatment of the patient during the prep time?  Also, anytime a patient is exposed it should be explained and permission granted.  It should be done in a way that adheres to the basic concept that all patients should be treated with dignity and respect.  Has the patient received relevant information above the usage of drugs, what they do, why they are needed in addition to the right of refusal?  The answer to the majority of these questions is probably no.  Most medical providers will rapidly go over the use of anesthetics because primarily they don’t feel patients have right of choice in matter and secondly they are not smart enough to understand.  Many medical providers don’t feel patients have the right to know.  It is a part of the secret workings of the medical community and they don’t disclose voluntarily or freely this type of information.

A drug known as versed which is in the benzodiazepine class is their favorite drug of choice.  In addition to versed, many will receive fentanyl along with the versed.  Versed will be given under the guise of making you less anxious but primarily it is given as an amnestic and it also makes you disinhibited or in other words you won’t object to being naked.  Fentanyl is generally a painkiller.  However, fentanyl has properties that can paralyze, make you not care or give you a high, and cooperative.  Together these drugs are used for many procedures including colonoscopies, heart catheterization, and dental work to name a few.  They also may be given as pre-sedative to general anesthesia.  Why does a patient need this type of cocktail merely for prepping is beyond my understanding?  To me, it serves merely as a convenience to the medical staff so they don’t have to deal with an alert patient thus be more careful in how they deliver their care. 

Many times fentanyl and/or versed will be given in route to the hospital by the EMT service or in ER.  There are cases where these drugs are given because it is easier to manage a patient who has been drugged.  For instance, they can skip giving informed consent for whatever procedure they want as the patient is unable to interfere and the family can be kept isolated from the patient.  This works well for patients who have made it known they don’t want to have what the medical industry considers it latest gold standard of treatment.  The latest gold standard of treatments is usually a huge money-making venture for a hospital.  For example, if you have a heart attack that is classified as a STEMI, they automatically think they have the right to perform a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) which is a heart catheterization with stenting.  PCI is preferred over open heart surgery.  It is pushed because recovery time is quicker.  However, most PCI patients will need to be re-cathed at some point maybe more than once.  PCI also requires the use of medicine for the rest of your life as stopping the medicine may cause a fatal heart attack to occur.  It also may not open all arteries that have blockages.  CARB or open heart surgery, takes more recovery time but is more thorough.  Certain medicines may be required for life. However, in an emergency situation, there are more doctors trained to perform PCI than open heart surgeries.  Oftentimes, the ER PCI doctor is one who is needed more experience to be able to attract non-emergency patients.  Most patients having a PCI want an experienced doctor but in what is termed an emergency, you get whoever is on call.  If you are what is termed as emergency patient, do you think that while you are laying drugged and naked on the cath. lab table that all of this is explained to you and that you actually are able to understand it?  That is what they know and count on.  They also count on that you will be so grateful they saved your life that you will not investigate as to what really happened. 

Most people have better control over what happens in a doctor’s office or even when getting a test done at a hospital especially if no sedative cocktail is used.  Many patients do not know the sedative cocktails are not really needed.  In Europe, they generally do not use versed/fentanyl when performing a PCI.  They may use music as a relaxation method.  A PCI procedure is more uncomfortable at times than painful.  The real pain may come afterwards when they may be suturing and then they generally choose not to use any numbing agent because your pain at that time is not really their concern.  They performed the procedure so if you suffer a little pain, you may or may not remember it.  In colonoscopies, the sedatives are very useful for the medical personnel as you probably will not remember how they treated you during the procedure.  It also allows them to perform the scoping more quickly as they do not have to go slower to prevent pain.  However, going faster may actually harm you as there is a greater risk of perforation.  Even if you experience pain during the procedure because the fentanyl didn’t work, the versed will probably erase it from your memory along with other memories.  Some only administer versed because they know it will most likely erase the pain and torture from your memory. 

Female patients may actually have better control over who sees them exposed than male patients.  With the exceptions of doctors, most hospital staffs are overwhelmingly female.  Male patients have very little choice.  However, most stories of sexual abuse that are investigated or published are about a female patient being sexually assaulted by a male staff member.  Too many times this is done by a male doctor even with a female chaperone in attendance.  Always be leery of any male medical personnel member wanting to examine you intimately without any witness even the chaperone solution is not perfect.  I would suggest you have a trusted observer of your own present such as a husband or boyfriend.  It may take years and many victims for this to come out.  It is rare for a fully alert female to be attended to for intimate care by a male medical staff member but it does happen.  It would be more common for a drugged, unconscious, or mentally challenged female to be given intimate care by a male caregiver as they figure what is the harm because the female is unable to complain. 

For male patients, most caregivers in a medical setting are going to be female.  Even for prostate related issues, your doctor may be a male but if you have a procedure or exam done, the chaperone or prep person will most likely be female.  Many male patients feel ambushed as they are not aware of the female presence until they are undressed and at a disadvantage.   Many at that junction will remain silent but very upset and resentful.  For hospitalized male patients, they will most likely have intimate care performed by female staff members.  They will not be asked if they are okay with this nor will many of the male patients actually know they have the right for same gender care.  It is a dirty little secret that hospitals keep hidden.  Too many times male patients may be sexually abused while hospitalized.  Some female staff members may have issues with males as some doctor or maybe even their husband or father added to their male hating practices so they can easily take out their hatred on a defenseless male patient.  This may particularly happen when a male is drugged, older but can happen to a younger male not knowing what is appropriate and what is not.  Female nurses have been known to leave drugged male patients genitals completely exposed without medical necessity so other non medical staff can view and humiliate the patient.  Of course, proving this kind of sexual abuse has happened is difficult because they stick together and the patient has no record of it except their word.  There is not anyone in government, law, etc. who care this type of abuse does happen to male patients. 

For all patients, regardless of being male or female, emergency care is full of personal dignity/respect issues.  Too many times, a patient is stripped and left naked for all to see including visitors to the ER of other patients.  There are some on some blogs that say ER patients should not expect to be treated with personal dignity/respect but that is when the medical staff should be even more vigilant in protecting them.  In fact, that is part of the nursing oath to protect patients in their care.  There is no reason for a female heart attack patient to have her breasts exposed after the EKG leads have been placed.  There is no reason for a male patient to have his penis/testicles exposed when being prepped for a PCI.  There are garments that are specially made to cover the breasts or genital areas so as not to interfere with the needed area.  Every patient should be given these garments to don so as they can have their personal dignity/respect intact.  No patient should go to an ER and leave feeling they have been sexually assaulted by medical staff.  What does that do for the overall recuperation process of the patient?  Does being sexually assaulted encourage patients to return to an ER again for care if needed?  Some say if they are sick it doesn’t matter but it really does.  If they are so careful during a routine doctor’s visit not to have a person of the opposite gender present then shouldn’t that also be as important when they may be unable to defend themselves?  To me, it is even more important when you are more defenseless.  That is when you are most likely to be sexually assaulted.  Some of the sexual assaults are done because they don’t like the few seconds of time it takes to uncover and cover up a body area.  They are just in too much of a hurry to care about you as a person.  Some is done intentionally as it is a way to control and belittle.  It is a proven form of torture that having a prisoner naked in a room full of dressed, uniformed personnel makes them more cooperative and defenseless.  Our society has ingrained in us the need to have certain areas of our bodies covered.  Why should we be expected to be okay with our bodies being uncovered unnecessarily in medical settings just for the convenience or perverted control issues of the medical staff?

It is a scary proposition to think about Medicare for all.  It is scary enough now having private insurance being able to dictate your medical care and having access to all your medical information.   There is no medical privacy for most of us.  All of our medical information is available to whoever, whenever they want.  There is no protection for the average person.  Seniors have the least protection as Medicare does not protect Seniors from abuse by the medically system.  Medicare and its oversight branches like CMS and Livanta only investigate complaints based what was written in the medical record by the criminal medical provider.  They seem to have the idea that medical people do no lie or falsify records for self-protection.  Or maybe they do know and just don’t care because old people are the least important people in this country.  They are in fact, the only class of people required by law to pay for medical care more than twice by having to pay into Medicare and also carry insurance through a Medicare approved private provider along with prescription drug coverage being separate from medical care.  Thank you George W. Bush discriminating against old people!  He will never know as he gets the Cadillac policy for having been president and also he is wealthy and has choices.  But for the rest of us, it is different.  Medicare doesn’t protect the people it is supposed to serve.  Why would we want everyone to have to have Medicare?  (I will write about this travesty later because there is so much wrong with Medicare.)

Most people will never know they have been medically or sexually assaulted.  The drugs usually take care of them knowing.  Most people will never realize that surgery prep involves them being totally naked even when they may only have foot surgery.  Most people may never realize the doctor and nurses have lied about them consenting to a procedure when they were brought into ER.  Most people will never know if something inappropriate was done to them while they were drugged such as a picture of them being taken on a personal cell phone because the nurses thought a male patient had a penis they needed to post on Facebook for their friends to see.  In fact, most trust nurses and most people do not want to admit that female nurses can and do act in a sexual fashion towards male patients.  Most female patients are leery of male medical staff but somehow society has not been able to admit that female medical staff can and do act in the same predatory fashion.  Most males who have suffered abuse remain quiet if they are aware of what has happened.  Most people do not and would not believe a male patient if he told them he was sexually assaulted while in the hospital or seeking medical care.  This is what those female predators count upon. 

Most people do not know that hospitals routinely do procedures that patients have not consent to have done especially if they have been admitted to the ER.  Most people do not know informed consent is not informed consent if it is done while they are drugged.  There are warnings issued for patients who have procedures done with versed/fentanyl not to make any major life decisions for 24 hours following the procedure.  So why would anyone think it is okay for informed consent to be given to a patient who was drugged 30 after 100mcg of fentanyl and immediately after receiving 2mg of versed with an additional 50mcg of fentanyl and the hospital would label that person alert x3?  Most people do not know that the new gold standard of treatment in the American healthcare system is medical and sexual assault.  Not only does it make them loads of money but it also gives them complete power and control.  There is no system out there to challenge them so they will carryon and even become more emboldened. 

Today’s World

It has happened again—another person who wanted to kill and/or hurt a lot of people.  Listening to some new media, celebrities, and politicians the cure to end this type of killing is to ban guns.  They seem to have the idea that the gun walked into the area itself and started firing.   Banning guns in their minds will seem to cure massing killings.  However, their reasoning is flawed.  Guns are only the means used by sick individuals to commit their carnages.  If they cannot use guns, they will use something else.

Automobiles kill many more people than guns.  In fact, drunk drinkers and/impaired drivers from drugs kills many more people.   We have people driving without licenses who kill others as there are driving an auto illegally.  So should we also not ban automobiles because some commit crimes while driving? 

What these pundits don’t realize is we need to fix people.  They are the issue.  Today’s America is very divisive, hateful, and rude.  Television and newspapers vomit hate.  There is no tolerance.  In the past, when a president is elected that you don’t agree with or like, you dealt with it and tried to vote him out in the next election cycle.  That would hold true for any politician in office.  However, in today’s climate, since they don’t like the president, they talk hate all the time and impeachment.  They have left the country struggling because they are not doing their true job.  Most media outlets have also done the same by choosing to lead the charge.  Celebrities in all their wisdom have used their influence to also preach this atmosphere of hate and intolerance.  After all, many celebrities are shining stars of how well their personal lives have fared with the drug abuse, relationship failures, temper tantrums, etc. so they are perfected qualified to give advice to their impressionable followers. 

There have been many presidents that I have not voted for or even liked.  Bushes and O’Bama come to mind.   In my mind, both Bushes were elitists with one being extremely stupid and smirky while O’Bama was clearly racist towards white people.  However, I lived with them as being president.  I respected they were elected and I respected the office they held.  I did not agree with most things they did but they were president.   However, many now think if they don’t agree with who is elected to an office, they can overthrow the election.  They no longer think they have to adhere to the rules.  You know that story will change when their person eventually gets elected.  That is because they are so narrow-minded they cannot even see to the end of their nose.  They are like 1st graders on a playground that never learned the rule of playing nice, sharing, caring, and no bullying.  So it is no small wonder that all of their hatred has filtered down over the years to the common person.  The common person sees that politician and celebrities have no boundaries so therefore that is acceptable. 

I also see video games being blamed.  But what about television and the abrasive atmosphere it embraces?  Have they not seen what they broadcast?   One murder show after another or a super hero movie just overwhelmingly full of needless violence but yet they criticize video games?  Are they saying that video games are real instead of being fantasy as supposedly super hero movies are?  Many television shows are over the top.  Many give step-by-step guides on how to commit a crime.  They feed the fascination in society for the morbid and the ill.  The news media is also guilty of fueling hatred and the need for some to commit such heinous crimes by their constant atmosphere of hatred and their sensationalizing of the subsequent crime that was committed because of the toxic atmosphere created by society in general.

It is not young people who have the issue of not respecting life or really anything in general.  Older people are guilty also.  In the past 15 years, society has greatly changed.  Too many people are no longer kind or even polite.  There is certainly a lack of respect for our fellow human being.  I think this lack of respect is evident in any walk of life and not just in the medical community as I have written about in many blogs.  It exists everywhere. 

Just this last week, I parked my slightly older Lexus next to a cart corral to protect it from being banged on both sides.  I hugged the cart corral.  My Lexus is immaculate as I take care of my vehicles.  My 80+ years old mother was in the vehicle.  A 400+ pound man, older with his wife in a wheelchair was parked in the vehicle to the left of my SUV.   We were not in a handicapped space.  The man pushed his wife in the wheelchair up between our vehicles with her whining to be closer.  She was also very large.  So all the way up the left side of my immaculate vehicle I now have paint scratches, dents, and scuffs.  Not only because he pushed a wheelchair all up where there was no room (I was very far away from the left line on my side), but also because once there he throw up the metal basket so it hit the side of my vehicle and damaged the paint.  My 80+ year old mother got out to confront him.  He told her he didn’t do it and really didn’t care.  He got in his car and left.  My mother didn’t know what else to do.  If I had been there, it would have been a different story.  Because of what happened to my husband and me when he was medically and sexually assaulted, I no longer take crap.  Be polite but be firm.  This episode demonstrates that too many average citizens do not care and will not take responsibility for their actions.  They also feel entitled and have no respect for others.  If those people have children, you can bet those children are also lacking in compassion and general civility.  It is no wonder our medical community is so cold, callous, abusive, uncompassionate, etc.  It is also no wonder we have people who enjoy inflicting mass pain on people they do not even know. 

As far as I can see, guns do not kill but people do.  If they don’t use a gun, they will use something else to inflict pain and damage.  Fixing the atmosphere in which we live is the answer.  Everyone needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror.  Do they like what they see?  For those who have been affected by tragedy, their lives will never be the same.   

An Explanation

I have recently been educated as there are varying degrees of what is called modesty when in a medical setting.  It is strange this difference even exists because one would think that having your modesty violated in any medical setting would matter.  But according to some, it does not.  I guess those people may fall into the category of being ones who blame the victim of a rape as she wore certain type of clothing or didn’t take certain precautions as being responsible for being the victim.  Also, they are connected with the medical industry which in fact, sanctions the modesty/personal dignity violations. 

First, I would like to define what I think is the difference between modesty and outright violations of personal dignity/respect.  Modesty to me, is not wanting to have anyone especially including the opposite sex view your normally unseen parts of your body which would include the genital areas.  To me, personal dignity/respect means whoever views those personal areas take absolute care to ensure every attempt to be respectful is made and also allowing you dignity of not being overly and unnecessarily exposed.  It also means you have the right to choose who is involved in intimate care.  The two are infinitely intertwined but whether a patient is modest or not, all patients should be afforded personal dignity.  Personal dignity should not only be granted to those during office visits but to those in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Really it is wherever any type of exposure occurs in a medical or care setting. Some on the blog felt emergency care does not qualify for respect of personal dignity. That is where I strongly disagree because oftentimes the patient is too ill or injured to defend themselves so this is why it is so important that medical people respect patient personal dignity in an unconditional manner. That differences supported by some that emergency care excludes patient’s having the right to personal dignity absolutely blows my mind.

I have recently withdrawn from participating in a blog site that some have very different views which I do not understand.  They are able to justify violations of personal dignity/respect or even lack of modesty.  It seems who views these areas also makes the difference.  To some, a doctor of the opposite sex can view those areas but a nurse or tech cannot.  For instance, a male patient might visit a female doctor for a urological exam or procedure but does not want a female nurse or tech to do the prep beforehand for an intimate exam.   To me, it doesn’t make sense because both would be female with the only difference being the educational degree.  Frankly, if you have an issue with a female tech than I think you would have an issue with a female doctor.  All females are first and foremost sexual beings as are males. 

However, where my difference in opinion with some happened, is with hospitalized patients.  When you enter a hospital, it becomes a different world.  There is no individual left in the patient.  You just become a medical record number, a room number, or a subject of treatment.  They cease to see or understand you are a real person.  This is underscored by the way they deliver treatment care. Delivery of care is done in the most convenient way for them. Covering and uncovering a patient takes seconds and they are not willing to give a few extra second to provide humane and dignified care. What other aspects of care are they willing to discard in favor of getting things done quicker so they can do whatever?

If you are unfortunate enough to become what is termed as an emergency patient, then according to some on that blog, you have no right to expect to be treated with personal dignity.  Anything goes and is acceptable.  Even when that patient is past being in the emergency room and becomes an inpatient meaning receiving care in a patient room, they are not entitled to being treated with personal dignity.  I can understand the need to quickly and professionally evaluate injuries especially if a person is unconscious and has serious injuries.  However, for that of a heart attack patient, there is no need to strip a person immediately and leave their lower genitals uncovered.  For all, their chest area with the EKG leads should be covered as quickly as possible especially if they are female.  Some men are more comfortable with their chest covered too.  If a person is stable, then informed consent needs to be done and that should not be done while they are totally naked, laying on a table drugged out of their mind. It is a scene out of a torture manual. Maybe medical people don’t mind having the patient naked but most patients would mind being naked while having to try to understand information. Certainly being totally naked, exposed while a fully clothed stranger makes assumptions about your lifestyle and lecture you about it is from a torture manual. How utterly degrading and demeaning not to have enough respect for an individual to give them a little ounce of respect to cover them up! Is that the intent to bully them into what the clothed person in power wants to do? For most individuals, being unclothed in front of clothed individuals immediately puts us at a disadvantage and the medical community knows this and uses this to their advantage. And if drugged, the patient is completely defenseless and not able to make normal, rational decisions and is more easily persuaded. Of course, the memory erasing drugs such as versed also helps the medical community because many will not even remember what happened and will assume the medical community did the proper thing. They count on that.

Part of the issue with my husband’s treatment was that he was drugged without his knowledge, will, or even need as they lied about his pain level.  We both feel this was done as he was resistant to having anything immediately done at the second hospital without consultation.  He was stable and remained stable until midway through the procedure.  His very slim slice of being unstable which was defined as one very slightly below acceptable level of blood pressure occurred primarily due to the amount of drugs given and also when they performed a manual thrombectomy.  He had also told them he did not want any more painkillers other than the morphine he had agreed to as the morphine and nitro took care of his chest discomfort.  We believe they used the massive amount of fentanyl covertly given to him during the helicopter flight to make him submissive, compliant, and to paralyze him.  Apparently, according to one medical community member of that blog, patients need to be drugged despite their wishes.  No one but that member has the right to an opinion and his/her opinion since is the only one that can be right.  This type of behavior is standard by the medical community and this opinion is what in my opinion leads to what happened to my husband and to many others who have been abused by the medical community.  Actually, the blogger needs to read articles about drug usage in cath labs such as: which states only about 38% of European labs use fentanyl versus 92% in the US.  The article went on to state: 

 I was not wrong in stating that sedation is not necessary but rather a choice in the US so patients are rendered defenseless.  Part of the sedation, versed, is used primarily to make patients unable to remember what actually happened to them.  They don’t want the patient to remember how they didn’t respect their personal dignity by leaving them exposed or the comments they make about them.  The fentanyl also makes them not care what is happening and can physically paralyze them so they cannot move.  My husband objected to the use of both but was given it anyhow.  Why is it acceptable to inject into a patient’s body something they have refused?  Does the patient not have rights?   This person also got angry because I stated my husband’s urologist had given instructions regarding his foley catheter care that differed from his/her opinion.  So I verified that what his urologist’s were accurate by different medical Internet sites and that really set that person off.  Again, the medical attitude of being the only one entitled to an opinion, right or wrong.  However, if it is wrong, no one dares to challenge because that will set off an angry rant or personal attack.  Because I did not want to make that board into a battleground as it is someplace where people who like me are in need of information and even comfort (as long as they don’t irritate the one member), I left the blog. 

Because I have been so traumatized by what happened to my husband and that I saw the abuse but was in shock and did not recognize or speak up while also being tortured by this facility by being denied access to my husband without explanation while being virtually held prisoner by a hospital employee and meeting with the man who performed the procedure my husband didn’t want only to find out the doctor was tired and didn’t want to be there, I vented a lot.  My husband doesn’t like to talk about what happened.  I didn’t want to burden him even more by having to deal with my thoughts.  His feeling from the beginning was that most people would not believe a male patient could have been medically and sexually abused like he was.  He said in sharing his story he would be bullied and ridiculed.  He opposed sharing his story on a blog as he was aware of the bullying that can happen.  He too suffers from PTSD and is dealing with it in his way.  I deal with my PTSD in my way.  He/she said I must have a fetish or was making up the story for some vague personal reason.  However, just like in most cases those who seek to label others with issues may often have that issue for real themselves.  Personal attacks via keyboard are easy.  They can stay hidden and be as vicious as they want.  However, I do have PTSD from happened and I do not need to suffer being bullied in addition to what has already happened.  I think the blog itself was a good place for people like me or my husband (but sadly he was right about going public) to be able to vent but more importantly to bring it out in the open that horrible things happen to people while in the hospital.  I am not the first to have been bullied by this member nor will I be the last.  That blogger gets very nasty and is out of control but the moderator allows it as he believes that blog member is a member of the medical community.  I don’t know whether that is true or not as the Internet gives a lot of details into the lives of any medical position.  However, if assuming they are truly a member of the medical society, his/her attitude proves my point of too many medical people being bullies, uncompassionate, demi-gods, and totally vicious.  People like that have no business being involved in the care of sick and defenseless individuals.  I still believe what happened to my husband should be brought out into public but will go about it differently.  Besides this website, I will be writing a book.  We want to get his story out there along with what the family has been through.  Not only is there what happened that night but having to live with the consequences of having a treatment forced on an individual is incredibly traumatizing.  There were a lot of good people on that board and I hope they will read this blog and participate.  It will be a safer place because you shouldn’t have to worry about being further bullied by medical people.

What Nurses Really Do

This is now how we view nurses–as potential molesters. That is because most do not care how they act towards a patient may really cause harm to a patient. They do not care if they expose a patient unnecessarily or to whom they expose a patient. They contend that they have seen it all before or that everyone has the same body parts but it is not them being exposed so their argument doesn’t really work. Male patients are have been intimately exposed by female nurses for years. Females nurses seem to think that no male has the right to personal dignity. Most nurses are arrogant and think they have the right to belittle and demean male patients. Most female nurses seek to demean, degrade, devalue, demoralize, dehumanize, etc. male patients by their sociopathic need for power and control. By exposing male patients, they feel like the superior. Such sexual exposure is a sexual crime and those nurses who do this should be criminally charged and forever lose their licenses.

The True Definition of Air Ambulance

This is a t-shirt I have designed to say what our local air ambulance services does to people. This is healthcare’s best way to control patient outcomes. The air ambulance service makes sure that patients arrive not being able to make their own medical decisions. This is makes it easier for the hospital to do whatever they want to that patient like molest them as they did in my husband’s case. They will falsify the medical records in order to justify their actions. They have no problem in abusing their patients by making sure they take away that patient’s right to decide. They can easily accomplish what they want as they totally isolate the patient from the family while in route. They can inject drugs such as fentanyl and versed into a patient’s IV and the patient is totally unaware. They will record in the medical records the patient was in intense pain. This guarantees most patients will arrive for an unconsented for procedure submissive and compliant so the hospital can forget the patient ultimately has the right to decide treatment options. This helps fuel the hospital’s need to make big money on their gold standard treatment of the moment such as Cardiac Catheterization. It makes the time more enjoyable for the hospital staff because the patient will just lay quietly and let them do whatever they want including just exposing them for fun and entertainment. That is why it is done to provide hospital staff entertainment at the patient’s expense.

Why Isn’t Healthcare Patient Friendly?

Because of what happened to my husband last August and all that has happened since then, I have come to the conclusion that healthcare is not patient orientated. Yes, of course, patients are the specimens for care and the vehicle for payment but the delivery of healthcare is not setup to be patient friendly. According to, over 4 billion dollars will be spent on healthcare in the US this year. That is a lot of money so you would think the consumer–the patient– would have some power.

If you said yes, then you would be wrong. According to government oversight agencies like Quality Improvement Organizations part of KEPRO or Medicare oversight for us lay people, I was told by their representative that even if a patient states they do not want a certain medication, the doctor has the power to inject it into their bodies against their will. So if you are a patient and you do not want such a satanic drug such as versed that makes you uninhibited (in other words you will be agreeable when they decided to leave you naked in front of a crowd of spectators or for medical rape for females that is when they invite a group to give you multiple pelvic exams and for males that is when they invite groups to give you multiple rectal exams), submissive, and erase your memory of most the procedure events and even some before, after, and forevermore, the doctor can inject it into your body against your will and knowledge.

Another way you would be wrong is if you believed it was not okay for medical providers to falsify medical records. When a patient brings that to the attention of Medicare, then Medicare will only review the medical record from the medical provider as evidence even though you told them was falsified. What you say makes no difference for surely mere mortal are not able to tell the truth. Only the deity-like medical providers can tell the truth because they are not mere mortals. Sinmply stated, Medicare does not care if the medical profession falsified your medical record to cover up harm or mistakes. If a medical professional did not say in the medical for instance that “I sexually molested the patient by leaving him unnecessary exposed while I used him to entertain a whole room of techs” than Medicare says no harm, no foul because the medical records are more sacred and accurate than granite. If a medical professional decides to omit what drugs you have experienced severe side effects, that’s okay too and maybe it won’t kill you but that would be okay too because they would no longer have to pay your medical bills through Medicare. (I think this would qualify as a conflict of interest if we weren’t talking about patient rights because patients have no rights.) So they didn’t get your consent for the procedure because you were drugged out of your mind and they didn’t write that down. You got what they considered their gold standard of treatment which really is code for the procedure brings into the medical system a lot gold so of course that is the one they choose. Aren’t we lucky that police investigations are not ran the same way by allowing the written statement of the criminal saying their are innocent to be the end of the investigation. Apparently, polices are smarter and more ethical than Medicare investigators. Medicare also feels medical professionals are justified in lying to justify gold standards of treatment and patients do not have the right to decide their treatment plan. It is indeed a scary world when the agency that is supposed to protect senior patients from abuse and fraud are as complicit in the abuse because they essentially allow it to happen without batting an eyelash.

Now we should talk about lawmakers. They will never help patient have rights because it is not in their best interest. The healthcare industry has big power in lobbying. Lobbying means big money for lawmakers. Big money for lawmakers means they are being paid to keep healthcare like it is–a literal goldmine for the medical community and free rein on how it is run and how healthcare is delivered. The loser is the common person as we have no power or no one lobbying for us. In Indiana, the malpractice law favors the medical community so overwhelmingly that it is damn near impossible to win a malpractice suit. Our late, not-so-great Governor Otis Bowen (Dr. as in M.D.) saw to that. Of course, politicians have no healthcare worries. We foot their bills and they get the best our money can buy for them. However, they too, will get the versed to erase their memory so the procedure nurses and techs can leave them naked so they can entertain their sociopathic need to devalue, dehumanize, and demean every patient who has to have a procedure done. It is that saying “What You (the patient) don’t know won’t hurt them (the medical provider) hence is why you are drugged so you probably won’t remember them taking pictures of your genitals, making fun of their size or lack of, being fondled, for men how the penis shrinks when cold and how much cold it takes to make it shrink into itself, etc or you get the picture. This is common entertain and this is why the memory erasing drugs are used. It is for their protection as it is not in your best interests.

My father, at 85 year old, fell and broke his hip. At the ER, another location of the hospital from hell (we are limited on hospitals where I live) had an ER doctor who said multiple times while my father was lying there just wanting to get fixed and go home that , “You’re dying and there is nothing we can do for you.” My father shut down. The ER doctor was right. They did not fix his hip but he laid their for about a month with a broken hip in pain and couldn’t move. They wanted him on hospice which is another group of satanic providers I detest and abhor. I saw the look of shut down come over his facial expression. He never talked about that even though before that ER trip he was functioning as well as he could. Perhaps the ER doctor made a call to Medicare and they said get rid of this mere mortal. Could be–I don’t know. Now take a look at the healthcare provided to George Bush and Jimmy Carter. No medical expense is spared to save their lives. Broken hip–no problem it gets fixed with no questions or hesitation. Are they more entitled to life than a mere mortal?

It is also the arrogance of the medical profession. It is how they act as if they are superior to us. It is as if they are doing us a favor by us paying them to provide a service. Everything they do conveys how superior they think they are. It is very dangerous for society to have such a large class of people thinking they are superior and their rights supercede any and all of our rights. The fact the medical profession think they are feel to impose treatment upon patients without consent or knowledge is beyond troubling. What it means is anyone who enters their doors may have anything done to them. What is even scarier is they can justify it before the agencies set up to govern or oversee them. Medicare acting as CMS through Livanta turns a blind eye to what medical providers actually do. Livanta only reviews what is in the medical records. All any smart provider who wants to cover up wrongdoing has to do is to falsify the records show acceptable standards have been followed. With the advent of the Electronic Medical Records, it is very easy to manipulate the records as most procedures and such have pick and choose phrases to use. Most medical providers know what should have been done so covering up what shouldn’t have been is super easy. Livanta will not question them. So if a medical provider does not input into a medical record they sexually abused a patient, performed a procedure without consent, or a patient who was really drugged out of their mind is listed as alert and capable, Livanta accepts it as medical records do not lie according to them. Even when they found issues such as consent was not given/signed before the procedure started, they made excuses there was not although proof of that was not in the medical records. They said they were too busy before the procedure to start to document it but during the procedure they were not busy and able to document it. That makes more sense they would have spare time for documentation during an intensive procedure than before the procedure started. Livanta is clearly in the business to protect the medical provider as the reviews are done by medical providers. It is much like having a fox watch a henhouse and the farmer wondering what happened to the chickens. Medicare does not seem to have the best interest of the elderly at heart literally in this case. They were very critical of us especially me as I was the one questioning what happened as it is too stressful for my husband to emerged in this nightmare in addition to the garbage of having to live with what they have done to him–the medical and sexual assault.

Clearly once you become older, you have no recourse. They know as you age, the more likely you are to need ongoing medical care. That is the way healthcare works. Once you become a patient, you will forever be a patient. You are viewed as a money making entity. If you do not comply, then you will be punished. My husband did not comply so they taught him a lesson. No questions–just follow our commands. We were told by Rancidcan that we should get use to being exposed as we are getting older and will be having more procedures done. Get use to being abused and treated like you don’t matter? It is no wonder what suicide rates for the elderly has risen over the years. I know my husband despairs now when having to see any medical provider. He trusts none of them now. He did not feel that way before what happened.

I will be publishing parts of the letters we have received from Livanta so everyone can see how this government oversight of the medical industry works. It is truly amazing how they do not hide their bias for Medicare recipients. Perhaps if he was on Medicaid it would be different. The insurance company is smarter. They play along like they are fighting for you but in reality, they too are in bed with the medical industry. As a common patient/human, you have no one fighting for you. The medical industry does not have to care and they know it. If you die, they also know there will be someone else available to take your place in their money generating procedures, drugs, and tests. They will not miss you except if you dare to question them, they will be glad to see you go. If really makes you wonder if there really are blue pills, red pills they get to give to determine if you live or die? I bet we will get the die pills because of being disobedient in their eyes.

Medically Caused Harm

Just read some posts on #DoctorsAbuseToo and #NursesAbuseToo via Archie Banterings@MadmanBanterings on Twitter. With what happened to my husband and I, we can relate. If is difficult to reconcile the amount of harm that can be done by abusive doctors and nurses when supposedly their primary function is to deliver compassionate and skilled care to the ill patient. It utterly blows you mind to know not all of these paragons of sainthoods are there for positive patient outcomes. They might not outright physically kill you (although there have been documented cases of killer healthcare workers), they certainly mortally harm you mentality.

I have mentioned both my husband and I suffer from PTSD. It has been 10 months since the abuse happened. The abuse results have not gone away or even lessened. There is not a day or any long span of time the abuse we suffered is not in the forefront of our thoughts. It affects our every moment as we are always thinking of the consequences of what they did and what could happen if again if either of us is taken to a hospital in an emergency situation out of our control. It is a chilling thought to us that haunts our every thought.

Most people have medical treatment but most do not realize what trauma can when hospitalized because of the many drugs used to keep them compliant, submissive, confused, and without memory of the events. Patients who are extremely ill or are having a procedure done are especially vulnerable to doctor/nurse/tech abuse. Also, there is a general tendency to bury our head in the sand to avoid things that may happen to us during medical care. We may do this because we feel it is out of our control, are too ill at the time to defend ourselves, may think this is how it has to be, are afraid of speaking up for fear of retaliation, or may have other reasons. People also tend to put doctors/nurses on pedestals thinking of them as almost as demigods. Also, many healthcare workers give off the attitude of being superior and for whatever reason, most of us don’t question it. It is even the opinion of the government agencies like Quality Care Organization of KEPRO that patients do not have the right to refuse medications if a doctor wants to give it to them. That is really scary that you do not have the right to refuse what is put into your body? That means when receiving medical care, patients are not entitled to autonomy like as a citizen of the US is supposedly guaranteed in the Constitution. Medical care is exempted from respecting individuals rights and are allowed to acts as they please.

For those who have been abused, the consequences of the resulting abuse is overwhelming. For us, we don’t ever want to have medical care that involves hospitalization. Both of us would rather die than be subjected to such abuse again as we have no way in predicting which medical providers are likely to be abusers. However, we do know there are ones who abuse.

Many medical people are what I term as narcissists. A narcissist is a person who has an entirely too high opinion of themselves and thinks the world revolves around them. The entire medical community is set up in this manner. Being a narcissist is not far removed from being a sociopath. According to both feel they are never wrong and have no conscience in the horrible things they may do to people. Neither have empathy or compassion for others, feel entitled to things that want as they feel they are more important than those around them. They may act as if they had the same, stable emotions as others but it is only a game. They intentionally do things to upset people especially in public places. They may pretend interest in you so they can ask information about you that will be useful for them to use against you. They falsify stories in order to manipulate. The medical workers my husband came into contact with fit this profile–sociopaths. All sociopaths are narcissists but not all narcissists are sociopaths.

These are the kind of people delivering healthcare to our loved ones during a time when they and we are at our most vulnerable. It is no wonder that bad things happen to patients. Many patients don’t talk about what has happened while they have been hospitalized. They may be ashamed, scared, or think they can put make it go away by not talking or thinking about it. But not talking about it only allows more of this same type of abuse to grow and affect more patients.

There is no one there to protect patients except themselves or loved their loved ones if they are allowed to know what is really going on and not just the story the medical community gives them. If most potential patients knew how they would be treated while being prepped for procedure, many procedures would not happen. Most do not know they will be drugged. Like for a heart cath. they say you will be awake but you really are not. You will be drugged with both Versed and Fentanyl. The Versed is given to make you forget most everything that happens. It also makes you submissive and uninhibited. The Fentanyl will also diminish your mental and physical capabilities as well as giving some pain relief. You will be mainly in a dream cycle of sleep per the Versed. You can be aroused and you may do things you ordinarily would not do. They like their patients to be drugged as it makes their jobs easier and they can act and do whatever they want to you and you likely won’t complain, refuse, or remember. This also gives them the opportunity to take pictures of you while you are naked and drugged. Personal cell phones are always with them. They make shoot a video of you acting stupid or making a confession of something to send out in their social media or yours. They also like to make fun of patients while they are naked and drugged. Doctors are known to snap pictures of something interesting they see on a naked patient. You signed a consent form allowing them to take photos never dreaming it might be on someone’s personal phone for their spouse or frineds to see. Like in my husband’s case (this time the large drug cocktail worked against their goal), they stripped off his clothes, didn’t tell him about the procedure they had planned as he was too drugged to comprehend or fend off their medical assault, and left him completely naked and cold for a prolonged period of time. They simply didn’t care about him as a person. They were in control. They had no compassion. They are sociopaths. They falsified his medical records to cover up what they were doing to him. Stripped naked and left naked for no reason. Too drugged for informed consent to have taken place. Given fentanyl when he wasn’t in pain but did it to make him submissive and defenseless as they knew he said we would make a decision after Rancidcan had talked to both of us about what his options were. Those four women in the cath lab who stripped him and left him naked for no reason and who lied about him giving consent, are classic sociopaths. There is no remedy for what they did and like any good sociopath, they covered their tracks by falsifying his medical records. The air ambulance crew gave him fentanyl because they knew they had to make him compliant as he was not agreeable to having a cath done without us being given more information. They had to lie about his pain level in order to make it look justified. The medical staff seem to enjoy their power and control they can exert over a patient especially one they think is being difficult by not graveling at their feet and begging them to save their live in any manner. They retaliate against patients who don’t conform to what they think a patient should be. They isolated my husband so I wouldn’t be able to stop the unauthorized procedure by seeing he was so drugged. Again, they did not make note of him being drugged because that would been evidence of wrongdoing on their part.

The nurse, Feather Wench, is also a sociopath. She continued the abuse started by the cath lab. She also left him naked for no reason. She made him the center of attention to her co-workers by leaving him naked for no reason and making him urinate into a bedpan as they all watched. She also gave them the added thrill of seeing her clean his genitals like a mother cleaning her baby after changing a diaper. She made sure she demonstrated her power and control over a defenseless victim. Her social media profile talks about how pretty everyone say she is, her love of drinking, and that she is a “Southern Belle.” The laughing nurse, Winifred Le Ong ( have changed her), is clearly entranced with Wench and either strides to be like her or is afraid of crossing her. In any case, patient welfare is neither of their concern as torturing of patients seem to be their sport. Again, they achieve this by isolation and the drugs that make patients unable to defend themselves. Imagine lying there drugged while Nurse Wench is making you the entertainment but being so drugged you are unable do nothing except live through that nightmare.

Imagine days later realizing that without your consent and against what you would have had done, you now have only been sexually victimized but you must live with the horrible results of having foreign objects inserted into your body against your will. These foreign objects, stents, will forever be in your body and a forever reminder of how you were assaulted by those “compassionate” medical workers. You also find out that because you have stents, you will forever be at risk to have another heart attack because your arteries will be forever sending plaque to heal over where the stents begin because that is what arteries do when they think an artery is injured. This tendency will never go away as the metal stent will forever cause irritation to the artery making it try to heal over with plaque and platelets sticking to the plaque. Of course, they knew this happens and that is why they have a DAPT regimen of drugs to take. The drugs as I have mentioned before cause severe consequences themselves. A man who did not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure is required by the medical community to take blood thinners (so he can bleed to death and give them more money to fix him), cough, dizziness, bruising; statins to lower his already within healthy levels of cholesterol down to a dangerously low level that will cause muscle loss, memory loss, kidney issues, extreme tiredness, etc.; blood pressure pill to cause extreme dizziness so he will fall and give them more money to fix his broken bones, etc., and other pills which are just as dangerous. They seemed upset because at 67 years old he was not already on a host of pills. They did their best they thought to remedy by forcing him to have a procedure of their choosing. Everyday he must live with feeling worse than he did before he had the surprise heart attack. He does not have a good day with their “cure”. Him feeling good was never their objective. Their sociopathic objective was control, power, and greed and to that end they were successful. Never mind how they actually injured him and me in the process. What was done was done in the name of medicine. And because of this, our only choice is to die younger than what we would have if this had not have happened. This is the real medical result of treatment. It will be our earlier than necessary deaths because of the abuses they have done and the total lack of trust and confidence in a medical system that is supposed to do no harm. I wonder what their definition of harm is? It probably is they can do whatever they want and the harm would only come if they are caught. They know that chance is slim as the government and lawyers are on their side because protecting them is where the money is. Common people, the patients, do not matter.

Medical Assault—The Gold Standard of Treatment

According to, medical battery (assault) is:

So how would a medical assault & battery happen?  Hospitals need to make money.  What brings them money are the procedures done in the hospital setting.  For instance, the flavor of the day is for treating heart attacks is stenting.  If you have a heart attack, you will be taken directly to the cardiac catheterization lab–you will not pass go & you will be billed (and/or your insurance company) hundreds of thousands dollars.  The cardiac catheterization lab is really big business for a hospital. 

So if you are sitting at home on a Saturday night and start having chest pain, you’ll most likely visit an ER.  First off, they encourage you to use an ambulance to arrive at the ER even though it may be quicker to actually have someone drive you there.  There is no money involved for them if you are driven there via private automobile.  Mostly likely you’ll have an EKG done as well as blood drawn.  They will give you aspirin, nitro, heparin, and painkillers as determined by them. 

In my husband’s case, the local hospital’s ER had to send him on because they were not a full service hospital.  They mentioned he would need more treatment than they could give.  They vaguely mentioned he may need clot busting drugs, cardiac catheterization, or open heart surgery.  I think the open heart surgery option was thrown in there just to scare us.  These were given as options.  We did not agree to anything nor did they say anything had been decided.  They gave us no details on any of the options they mentioned.   After they gave him nitro, aspirin, and morphine; he pain had subsided into being just a dull ache.

When the helicopter finally arrived for him, I left for the other hospital anticipating that once there were would discuss with the hospital his options.  That had been what we were lead to believe what would happen.  However, we had no idea they had other plans which they had planned and decided upon.  No one at any time told us the medical community’s “gold standard” of treatment for a STEMI (heart attack) is immediate Percanteous Coronary Intervention (PCI).  If we would have known, we would have not agreed until both of us had heard the full details of all treatment options.  They knew we expected to make the treatment decision to what they did next guaranteed them the ability to decide and carry out their selected plan.

On the helicopter service, unknown to my husband, the flight medics documented his pain level as an eight when in reality it was only a 1 or a dull ache.  Doing this provided cover for them to dose him with 100 mcg of fentanyl which basically rendered him incapable of normal functioning both physically and mentally.  They knew this because the first hospital also chose to omit his severe reactions to pain killers and benzos such as versed.  This was very negligent of them because some of the side effects would directly affect a man who was having a heart attack.  However, they knew with what they had planned, it was standard procedure but they didn’t want us to know and they certainly didn’t want documentation existing about what he had said.

Once at the other hospital, isolation was the name of the game.  They purposely kept me isolated from him, uninformed, and with a warden to guard me so they would be free to pursue their agenda.  They know that if they are able to keep people who are in a stressful situation isolated and uninformed they will be operate to succeed in accomplishing their agenda.  Their agenda was to make sure he had a PCI whether he wanted it or not because it is a huge money-making procedure.  Also, the staff had been called in so they needed to make sure they could cover that expense. 

The second case of medical assault was when my husband arrived at the 2nd hospital.  Knowing he was drugged, they were able to start readying him for the procedure they had chosen for him to have.  Although they knew he had been drugged incapable with 100 mcg of fentanyl, the 2nd hospital made no mention of this in any of their medical forms.  Absolutely none so this signals they knew he was incapable of any decision or even defending himself against what they had in store for him.  Immediately, without asking or giving him a chance, they stripped off his clothes.  They did not bother with the pretense of keeping his genital region covered as they were stripping him naked.  They knew he was drugged and would offer no resistance.  They gave him no gown or sheet.  They simply didn’t care about his personal dignity.  To them, he was something they could manipulate or humiliate at will.  They started with the conscious sedation evaluation.  They also inserted two more undocumented IVs into each bend of his elbow so that he had a total of four IVs for the entire stay.  They did not care even about his physical comfort.  They filled out the forms which he may or may not have answered as he was only capable of understanding simple questions and answered with yes or no as his thought and action process was severely impaired at this point.

My husband does remember this is what they did to him.  He said he felt disattached to his body as if he were watching a tv program unfolding in front of him.  He remembers hearing them say I was there but the people were at a distance from him in the cath lab room discussing it. They never approached him but he did hear them say they were sending a chaplain to me.  That really scared him for two reasons but he was too drugged to react.  The first reason being is he thought they were sending a chaplain because he was dying and not stable like the other hospital had said.  The second reason was he knew I would never want a chaplain involved but again, the drugs prevented him in taking action and they didn’t allow him input into his own life.  He remembers wondering why I wasn’t in there to see him and why they were not having me there with him to discuss what his options of treatment were.  He said he just kept waiting for that to happen as he laid there totally naked in a room of at least 4 women and others.  Being drugged, he had no concept of time and really what they were doing.  He thought they were doing tests but had no idea they were really doing the procedure they had in their godlike, tyrannical manner chosen for him. 

He did not know until I told him the next day that he had a procedure done.  We then were able to conclude it had been done against his will because neither of us had consented to it.  He was drugged and unable to give legal consent.  I was not advised of the procedure until it was completed as the warden was very vague and would walk away when the cath lab called.  He did, however, think the public in the hallway should have updates because he had his phone on speakerphone.  I was the only one who was not allowed to hear about my husband’s procedure as it was happening.

Some might argue this was an emergency situation.  While it was an unexpected heart attack, my husband was not unconscious and had made known what he wanted.  He was also stable until they were into the procedure and the stress of him being scared, humiliated about being put naked on display resulting in being extremely cold as the cath lab room is kept very cold, alone wondering why I wasn’t with him, the drugs which he said would cause severe side effects did indeed cause his blood pressure to drop, or the procedure itself caused his pressure to drop low one time.  Instead of labeling it as a vasovagal reaction they chose to cover themselves by labeling it as cardiogenic shock even though it did not fit the definition.  They chose to drug him so they could disregard his decisions.  Even though he had family present (me) that could have made a decision, they kept me isolated from him and uninformed so they could accomplish their medical assault.   He did not sign informed consent nor does he even remember it being discussed with him.  They said he, being deeply drugged, gave them verbal consent.  However, it is not legally binding as he was incapable of making a rational decision as he was drugged with fentanyl and probably already pre-sedated with additional fentanyl and versed.  They discovered there was no consent on file moments before they actually started the procedure so it is very questionable about whether they had him sedated or not.  They may only make a decision if the patient is unconscious and no family can be contacted.  This was not the case.  I was there and he was incapable because of being drugged prior to arrival and perhaps even before the consent was signed by them. 

The fact is he would not have chosen this treatment.  He would not have wanted to have metal stents in him.  Because of the stenting, the arteries will be forever receiving a signal they need to send plaque to the beginning of the stent to heal.  This will cause plaque deposits to form and along with platelet buildup.  Of course, knowing that stenting causes the very issue that caused the heart attack in the first place, they have prescription medicines to partially relieve the symptoms.  Not only will aspirin be needed but medicines like Brilanta will be needed to thin the blood so platelets won’t stick to the plaque as easily but you will be more likely to bleed to death and be one big walking bruise.  But that is okay because that keeps their hospital social workers employeed so they can while you are naked they can ask you if you are a victim of spousal abuse.  Hospital workers seem to enjoy having their patients naked while they are caring for them because it makes the staff feel superior and the patients are intimidated and are more likely to be submissive and complacent.  Statins like Crestor will be needed to reduce cholesterol down to non-existent levels even this too is dangerous to everyday functions like memory, damage muscles (don’t forget your heart is a muscle too), and help cause kidney failure.  But never fear, there are more procedures and pills for any side effects.  For those side effects, there are more procedure and pills and so on and so forth.  You will be a continuous source of control and money until you die but the medical community would grieve as there will be someone else to take your place on the conveyor belt of medical treatment.  He would have opted for clot busting drugs first.  However, at the time, we did not know what our options were as no one really discussed it with us.  We now know after the fact.  But it is too late.  He forever must live with the consequence of their medical assault.  There is never a moment in any day he is not reminded of being a victim of medical assault.   He had things done to his body against his will and, furthermore; was condemned to watch as if he was only a spectator who was watching a horror movie about mad scientists performing experiments on innocent victims only he was the victim. 

It is beyond scary the power and control a hospital or medical staff have.  What is even scarier is they will use their power and control because of their greed or the need to do procedures to make money.  Even though we were lead to believe he would be able to direct his treatment choice once he was at the other hospital, all the hospital staff involved knew otherwise.  They manipulated us into letting us think we would be informed about the treatment options and would be the ones deciding.  That was never to be.  Think this cannot happen to you.  You would be wrong–medical assault is the gold standard of treatment.

My View on the Opiate Crisis

I have been watching some of the coverage about the opiate crisis here in the US on tv. It seems big pharma has been thrown under the bus but the bus needs to back up and run over all those involved in creating this crisis. The average person does not go directly to big pharma to get their drugs. There is a middleman who is just as culpable as big pharma. In fact, without this middleman, the average citizen would not be able to get prescription opiates.

To be clear, opiates have been around forever. Morphine is an opiate. Morphine has been used as a heavy hitter for pain relief forever. When I had my c-sections, they had me hooked up to a morphine pump. I did not ask for it. I used it because they had already given it to me but soon I realized I did not need it. The second C-section, I used did not use it. I did not see big pharma at my bedside giving me morphine but it was prescribed by my doctor. Doctors are the middle men who are actually the drug pushers. For pushing certain drugs, there are also rewards doctors/hospitals receive from big pharma.

Big pharma visits doctor’s offices or hospitals bringing not only their drug literature but also free samples to get patients to take their drug, free lunches or dinners for the staff, vacations/conferences, and contests for prescribing the most. In other words, they give bribes and these bribes are readily accepted. The only ones not receiving much in the way of bribes are the patients themselves. A free sample or two is not much. It is the doctor who usually decides what brand of drug you will take because it is usually based upon what sales pitch is the strongest or in other words, which bribe is the most lucrative.

Pain relief is a big business at least here in the United States. You can walk into any store which sells over-the-counter medicines and various pain relieving compounds will take up one complete aisle. Unknown to many, these over-the-counter pain reliefs are not safe for us to take as often as is done. But that is okay as the medical community is standing by to offer their “cures” and to assist us in becoming a permanent passenger on the continuous roller coaster ride of healthcare treatment procedures. They know once you embark upon that journey, you will be a source of continued revenue.

Pain relief not needing a prescription is big business. Unfortunately, the medical community and big pharma also know that and have fine tuned their radar to profit from that information. From the moment you encounter any medical personnel from a EMT, a medical assistant, a tech, a nurse, or a doctor who are asked repeatedly about pain. They even use what they consider a universal pain rating scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worse pain ever. If you have pain or they suspect you have pain and may not be admitting to it, you can expect to get “a little something to ease the pain.” This is the middleman at work. This is not to say there is not a need for pain relief but it is overused. The medical community seems to think that giving pain relief is the most important aspect in medical care. But who is most important to–the patient or the medical staff?

Going back to the experience my husband had is a good example of how pain relief can be misused. But who was it misused by? My husband had a heart attack. He was in pain. When I took him to the hospital, he was asked what his pain level was. I had given him a couple of aspirins and put muscle rub on him to help w/ the muscle spasms. He told them his pain level was around a 7 at home but upon arriving at the hospital it was around a 6. They said they would give him something for the pain. He told them he was very leery of pain killers and refused versed/benzos. as he was extremely sensitive to their side effects. The negative side effects included but not limited to raising/lowering his blood pressure, decreasing/increasing his breathing rate, nausea, prolonged impaired functioning abilities both mentally and physically to the point where he was basically in state of inaction, lethargy, tiredness, etc. as well as having prolonged effects lasting much longer than average. Versed/benzo. has made him loose memory from events not associated w/ the versed administered period and also has permanently altered his sleep patterns. They said they could give him a small dose of morphine. They also said nitro would help with the pain too. He looked at me and I told him he should take the morphine for the pain. However, we didn’t know they decided to give him 4mg of morphine which is more than what he should have had. We also did not know that for whatever reasons this hospital chose not to record what he had said about the negative efforts pain killers and versed/benzos have on him. Once he was given the morphine and nitro, his pain level was “a 1 or a dull ache” as he told them when asked. The ER doctor made note of this. As we were sitting there for the long wait for the “quickest” (it was not the quickest as a local EMT service should have been called for ground transport but the “quickest” was their service and the most expensive means) transport by helicopter, I could tell he was not in pain. He was very subdued and deep in thought as I was. When the helicopter crew arrived (let me interject this about the helicopter team–there were 3 of them who entered the ER bay–a nurse, an EMT, and the pilot. I can see the nurse and EMT but the pilot is unnecessary and he should not be privy to the patient’s personal health information as he is not medically involved but rather the driver of the vehicle), as I was sitting there, one of them asked him what his pain level was as don’t forget pain relief is the most important thing. My husband replied it was “a 1 or just a dull ache.” According to the medical records, it was recorded as an 8. For that to be true, he would have been on the floor rolling screaming in pain like I found him at home. He was not. Again, he was very subdued, breathing w/ effort like he had been for the past few months as he had been diagnosed incorrectly (now we know this) with bronchitis. He was not in pain. Once loaded into the helicopter they gave him noise reduction headphones to wear and he said they never asked him again about pain as he could not hear anything but the noise from the helicopter as it was so loud. However, they documented 2 more times his pain level was an 8. Again, he was calmly lying on the stretcher and not screaming and rolling on the floor in pain. Unknown to him and certainly without his consent, the helicopter medics gave him 100 mcg of fentanyl. The administering of the this excessive amount of fentanyl for someone who is extremely sensitive to the reactions of this type of drug is negligent and put him on the course for his abusive hospitalization experience.

Why was this done? Why did they falsify the records? Why do they so freely give opiates such as fentanyl? My husband did not want or need the fentanyl but they gave it to him without his consent or knowledge. It is clear why he was given fentanyl. He had not consented for the procedure the hospital wanted him to have. He wanted more information and for me to be involved when he arrived at the second hospital. They did not want this to happen so they chose to drug him to make him compliant and submissive as this is what fentanyl did. He actually told them it would severely impair his functioning abilities so they did it on purpose. He was isolated from me and I could not question what they were doing. They were able to do it without him knowing it. He thought he was loosing his mind because he had no clue as to why he was feeling like he was a spectator who was detached from what was happening and did not have the ability to call “cut” or stop the action. Drugs like fentanyl and versed are used to control. It makes their jobs easier because the patient does not interfere with what they plan to do.

As he made compliant by the helicopter crew to have a procedure he did not want or consent to, the cardiac cath lab personnel was there to give him versed and more fentanyl. Although he had personally had enough fentanyl to bring down an elephant, the cath lab needed to justify the administering of more drugs so they said he was in pain. He said he was not in pain. The result was life threatening as his blood pressure plummeted. But that was okay because they got to give him other drugs to fix that. Never mind, they also almost killed him by their negligence. They also labelled this crime as cardiogenic shock rather than negligence of giving him drugs that he had told them would have adverse effects. He was a man who was having a heart attack which destabilizes blood pressure giving him drugs he had told them would also destabilize his blood pressure (they also know that fentanyl and especially with the combination of versed has the possibility of doing this too) along with nitro which decreases blood pressure in addition to having right and left side involvement. They set a course to kill him but luckily didn’t succeed. For those interested, the use of versed and fentanyl is called conscious sedation. Versed is used primarily to erase memories, to make you submissive, and to encourage uninhibitiveness (which is another way of saying that when they have you naked for no reason, you will do nothing about it). Fentanyl does reduce pain but the cath is not painful but rather uncomfortable at the most for selected periods of time. It is not something the average person could not tolerable but the US medical community likes for their patients to be drugged so the medical staff has freedom to act however they choose and you won’t interfere or remember. An interesting fact is that in Europe, they generally use no type of painkiller or sedative for angiograms/angioplasty.

What the above story demonstrates is the lengths medical staff will go to give opiates. They are indeed the drug pushers. Big pharma might be the drug lords but the medical community certainly are the street level drug dealers. They are the ones who connect the average person to the drugs which eventually the addicted person will get any way they can. They do not care about the consequences they have caused. In fact, they have found a new way to profit from the opiate crisis they helped to created. They will now treat the addiction they caused. Of course, this treatment is a very lucrative revenue stream which is the reason there is an opiate crisis. Everything is about money, power, and control. Big pharma should not be the only ones paying the price for the opiate crisis. The doctors, hospitals, and nurses knew these drugs are addictive and were being over prescribed. Big pharma did not administer the drugs nor did they prescribe them. The drug dealers did that. Most addicts became addicted to these drugs through a medical encounter. It is time for the blame for this crisis to be shared by those actually pushing the drugs. In my husband’s case, those involved in forcing those drugs into his body should go to jail to serve time for physically shooting him up with opiates he did not want or consent to having. Is this the type of medical treatment we should have in the United States where medical providers can inject you with drugs against your will and then stand by as if they are innocent in the carnage they have helped to create?

Why Patient Dignity Is Not a Concern

What is patient dignity?  According to on nursing ethics and ethical issues in caring, it is a basic human right for all and fundamental to the well-being of every individual in all societies.  This article states that “dignity is fundamental to the well-being of every individual in all societies.  It is a basic human right for all….The concept of dignity has four defining attributes including respect, autonomy, empowerment, and communication.”  This article cites an analysis done by Griffin and Vanessa that “each of the four attributes consists of several dimensions:  Respect includes self-respect, respect for others, respect for peoples’ privacy, confidentiality and self-belief and belief in others.  Autonomy includes having choice, giving choice, making decisions, being able to make decisions, competence, rights, needs, and independence.  Empowerment includes a feeling of being important and valuable, self-esteem, self-worth, modesty, and pride.  Communication might be verbal or nonverbal and also includes explaining and understanding information, feeling comfort and giving time to the audience.   What is patient dignity?  According to on nursing ethics and ethical issues in caring, it is a basic human right for all and fundamental to the well-being of every individual in all societies.  This article states that “dignity is fundamental to the well-being of every individual in all societies.  It is a basic human right for all….The concept of dignity has four defining attributes including respect, autonomy, empowerment, and communication.”  This article cites an analysis done by Griffin and Vanessa that “each of the four attributes consists of several dimensions:  Respect includes self-respect, respect for others, respect for peoples’ privacy, confidentiality and self-belief and belief in others.  Autonomy includes having choice, giving choice, making decisions, being able to make decisions, competence, rights, needs, and independence.  Empowerment includes a feeling of being important and valuable, self-esteem, self-worth, modesty, and pride.  Communication might be verbal or nonverbal and also includes explaining and understanding information, feeling comfort and giving time to the audience.  

 At, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education- Patient’s rights 2002 goes on to say that, “Observing dignity and privacy is essential for establishing an effective relationship between the healthcare professionals and patients. It also is critical for maintaining patient’s serenity. In contrast, many harmful consequences would ensue if the patients’ dignity is not observed….”  7. Nayeri ND, Aghajani M. Patients’ privacy and satisfaction in the emergency department: a descriptive analytical study. Nurse Ethics went on to say that “Failure to comply the patients’ privacy (as a measure of dignity) may not only make the patients to conceal some aspects of their medical history, or refuse medical examination, but also would increase their level of anxiety and stress…”

The above would also apply to anyone involved in patient care whether they are a doctor, nurse, tech, emt, etc.

Most hospitals have a Patient Bill of Rights that guarantee without any exclusions to having to personal privacy, to exercise your rights while receiving care or treatment without coercion, to participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care, to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment, to expect visitation privileges not be restricted, limited, or otherwise denied…., to expect all visitors will enjoy full and equal visitation privileges…, to be free from physical or mental abuse…., and to expect that restraint or seclusion may only be imposed to ensure immediate physical safety of the patient….This is part of the Patient Bill of Rights from a Patient & Visitor Information Book of Franciscan Health Indianapolis and Mooresville.  There are also federal guidelines that mandate Patient Bill of Rights. ��

According to a Gallup poll ( in 2018 covering professional honesty and ethics, nursing again was number one.  Nurses rate higher than doctors, military, and clergy.  Why is this?  Could it be the public is not really aware of everything nurses may do or could it be the public is turning a blind eye?  After a recent hospitalization where some of the nursing staff were absolutely sexually abusive and violated most above noted items in the Patient Bill of Rights, I decided that information needs to be made public.

According to According to, more than 90% of nurses are female.   That means that if you are a male patient, most likely you will encounter a female nurse for intimate care.  If you are a male that wants only same gender care which you are entitled to have, it will probably not happen.  If you are a female patient, chances are your intimate care will be performed by a female nurse.  It is practically unheard of for a male nurse to provide intimate care for a female patient, especially if he is alone with her or if she is drugged.  For male patients, it is very common for this situation to happen.

Doctors only see patients for a fraction of the time that a nurse may spend with patient care duties.  During procedures, it is generally the nurse and/or techs that prep patients.  It is unheard of for a drugged female to be left alone with 4 male nurses/techs while prepping her exposed genital area.  However, it is standard practice for female nurses/techs to prep the genital area of a drugged male patient.  Are female nurses more trustworthy than male nurses/techs?  Do female nurses not exhibit any sexual feelings/desires  while all male nurses are viewed as being untrustworthy because they cannot separate their own sexual desires when left alone with an exposed, drugged female?  It is said that medical people view all genitals as just being another body part but is that really true?  There are plenty of cases in the newspapers and on the Internet saying otherwise.  Why is there greater care given to guarding the personal dignity of a female patient in general than that of a male?  What are some of the issues that may constitute sexual abuse?

The biggest area that constitutes sexual abuse is the unnecessary exposure of the genital region.  This may be done by a nurse/tech while prepping a patient for a procedure.  This may be done in an emergency room when they strip off the clothes of a patient while not covering them first with a gown, blanket, and/or drawing a curtain.  This may be done by a nurse in a patient room while performing an intimate task for a patient or examining an area close to the genital region.  Many nurses feel pushed for time so taking the extra second to provide patient dignity as they swore to in their nursing oath is not a priority for them.  However, for many patients they feel dehumanized by this type of action.  Although this dehumanization of a patient may not always be done as intentional act of harm, sometimes it is.  In any case, it is harmful to the mental well-being of the patient.

In a cardiac catheterization lab setting, many of the pieces of fluff literature says patient personal dignity is maintained at all times.  But what happens when it isn’t?  Most cath labs give a misleading cocktail of sedatives describing them as having the patient awake during the procedure.  The cocktail usually given is a combination of versed and fentanyl.  Versed is a drug that is supposedly used for anti-anxiety purposes but its real purpose in a medical procedure is it causes amnesia.  That is its main benefit to the medical people.  Fentanyl is painkiller which is 100 times stronger than morphine.  Most patients will be in a light sleep pattern and will be arouseable by verbal or touch stimulation.  Versed also makes patients less inhibited while fentanyl makes them generally more compliant or submissive. 

What this cocktail in fact does is gives the prep team the ability to perform the prep in a manner in which they choose.  Some may choose to maintain patient dignity while others may strip a patient’s clothes off of them and leave them exposed without a gown or blanket for the entire time up to draping.  Leaving a patient exposed makes their prep work easier.  However, there is generally no reason for the lower genital region to be exposed as they can use a medical garment called Covr which will cover the genital region while allowing them to do the femoral prep.  For females, to cover the nipple area , falsies could be used.  The female patient could apply those herself.  However, it is the sad fact that medical people on a whole do not care about the dignity of their patients.  This is why such sexually abusive behavior as the exposure of patients is allowed to continue.  They only care if it were them or their loved one.

As we age, the side effects of the drugs may become more pronounced and lingering.  It may take many hours, days, or sometimes not all the effects go away.  Patients being transferred from the cath lab to the Cardiac CCU may still not be able to defend themselves against sexual abuse.  Surgery patients also may not be able to defend themselves from sexual abuse.  Nurses in these areas know and can recognize the signs of altered levels of response from patients.  Some will take advantage of this. 

Many times during transfer, patients are exposed unnecessarily as keeping the patient’s dignity intact is not a priority.  Oftentimes, a gown may just be thrown on them from the procedure area.  This gown may fall off during the transfer from the gurney to the bed.  Not only is the patient exposed to those in the room but many times to people in the hallway.  If a patient needs a gown and bed linen change, this is usually done without regard to patient dignity.  In the cardiac ccu if the patient needs to remain flat, they will strip off the gown and blankets.  They will wash the patient and change the bedding all the while the patient will remain naked and uncovered while the nurse is turning the naked patient from side to side to change the bedding.  Eventually, she will re-gown the patient and cover the patient with a blanket.  However, the patient will most likely be exposed unnecessarily as the nurse does not care about the patient’s dignity.  The patient is exposed to everyone coming into the room and to people in the hallway. 

Patients may be exposed to registration clerks, phlebotomists, clergy, social workers, housekeeping, etc.  There is an attitude by medical staff that patient dignity is not a concern especially if the patient is drugged.  If a patient is drugged, the nurse figures they will not remember how they are treated.  Since many are drugged during the time when the exposure occurs, this may be why nursing is the most trusted profession.  There is a different attitude towards patients who are able to defend themselves against this type of abuse.  Nurses in units not dealing with patients who have been given mind altering medications tend to be more mindful about personal dignity issues. 

For those patients who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of medical staff, the memory never fades and the trust is forever broken.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common side effect from such abuse.  PTSD occurs more in patients who have been in a critical care unit.  Although the abuse that drug patients can remember is bad, it is often the abuse they do not remember as they were drugged that is really frightening.  There is always the thought of this is only what I remember so what else did they do to me that I don’t remember?  The exposure, the comments, the photos on a Smartphone, the being put on display to show others, who saw me, why did they do this to me—these are all questions a sexually abused patient will forever have on their mind.  A sexually abused will never trust any medical provider again as they now question their own ability of judgment as they never expected to be abused by the very people who were supposed to care and protect them when they were ill and vulnerable.  It may cause them to no longer seek medical care or hospitalization especially if a loss of control is involved.  It is beyond sad and sick when medical people abuse those who need care and are in an extremely vulnerable state.

Every patient needs an advocate to look out for them.  This advocate should not be an employee of a hospital as they are only going to protect the hospital.  An advocate is especially needed if there are drugs like versed, fentanyl, or any other drugs that alter mental capability involved.  Don’t allow yourself or your loved ones to become a victim of a personal dignity crime.  Take it from me, the pit in your throat and stomach along with the pressure lying on your chest never goes away.  The suffering for letting the abuse happen to them and seeing what damage it does to them forevermore will never go away or get any better.  The months since the medical and sexual assault have only grown worse for him.  He spends more and more sleepless nights thinking about what they did and what abuse might come if he would be hospitalized again.  Is this the kind of result modern medicine is so proud of?