Cardiac Catheterization Lab Experience

Although you don’t have to be given anything,it is standard operating procedure in the US to be given “conscious sedation”.  Having done my research, I have found a lot of other countries don’t require “conscious sedation.”  We all know that “conscious sedation” is more or less a zombie state that enables them to control you without you remembering much of what happened.  There is really not pain with a cath but rather pressure from the insertion of the different devices such as sheaths.  They say they use painkillers as they don’t want the patient to feel any pain but that was a lie in this case.  I’ll explain later.  They also  used lidocaine to numb one of my husband’s groins but not the other according to the medical records.  The use of lidocaine is probably all that is necessary.  Here is my husband’s story as he was allowed to remember:

He began feeling funny during his ambulance transport.  Once they landed, he felt as though he was floating above and watching what was going on.  He remembers that no one from the hospital from hell was there to greet him- the captive- and his jailers.  They finally flagged down a nurse getting into her car in a parking lot and she badged them in.  They wondered the hall until they finally found some people who directed them to the cath lab.  The ambulance jailers (I call them this as they gave him fentanyl w/o his knowledge and against what he had stated he wanted done) transferred him directly to the cold, metal cath lab table.  He remembers no Informed Consent being given although they say in him medical records that they went through the whole thing.  They say in his medical records multiple times that he was alert to person, place/event, and time.  If this was the case, why wasn’t the Informed Consent signed by him.  Why was it signed by 2 of the heifers 5 minutes after one of the heifers entered it onto the computer systems saying it had been done when in reality, it wasn’t done or signed.  They said it was an emergency and that he had verbally given his approval.  The doctor signature is unreadable and has no date or time.  He was drugged and at that point would have say “yes” anything when prompted correctly.  I am quite sure that are aware of how fentanyl makes a patient react and adjust their questions accordingly.  That is why they like them to have fentanyl prior to arrival as it makes them compliant and unable to think, question, or resist.  The 4 women rn heifers started readying him for what he didn’t know during the time supposedly they were getting Informed Consent.  Informed Consent should be done free from pressure and coercion but apparently laying naked on the procedure table being readied for a procedure you need to give consent to is acceptable to them but confusing to a drugged and intimidating to a opiate drugged individual.  Immediately upon arrival, they stripped him of his clothes without asking or even giving him the chance to do it himself.  They stuffed his clothes into a pink garbage bag (pink is kind of symbolic of the abuse of power by these female heifers–the cath lab is a world ran by women).  They left him naked without a gown or blanket, exposed to a room of people.  How can one give Informed Consent naked, exposed, and drugged?  I know how he is when he has drugs a lot less stronger than fentanyl so I know he was in no position to comprehend or give legal binding consent.  At this point, they were going to make sure he had not totally wasted their Saturday night by being called in and he choosing another method.

He remembers seeing people standing around (the 3 ambulance jailers stayed and watched for awhile as apparently they need to watch their patients when they are naked) and others coming and going.  He remembers hearing some of them talking but he doesn’t remember anyone talking to him.  He remembers one female voice in a mask telling him she was going to shave him.  He wondered why but wasn’t able to vocalize his question as the drugs had done what they intended–to make him cooperative, compliant, and not a problem.  In other words, no patient questions or participation allowed.  She shaved his whole pubic region and thighs not just the little area as described in most cath lab sites.  They also did not cover his penis up from their exposure.  No thought about allowing him his dignity because he was just an object not a human with feelings or considerations.  Most cath labs say in their literature that they respect the patient’s privacy but this also was not the case.  They use drugs such as Versed that erases most memories so they don’t have to respect the patient.  He stay exposed until they finally draped him around for the procedure.  He was probably exposed for around 30 minutes if you judge by the medical records when it actually listed the draping.  He remembers how cold he was and how upset he was that he was exposed without thought to his bodily privacy.  He felt humiliated.  However, the fentanyl had done its job and rendered his thoughts just that–he was unable to find his voice or the energy to resist. 

He remembers the pressure of the sheath insertions but says it did not hurt although the bruises on both groins and his thighs said otherwise.  I have never seen such blackness and the area was about 12 inches in diameter on both groins w/ hard lumps that are still present months afterwards.  He said he was scared, alone, and wondering why and what was happening.  No one communicated or comforted him.  The put 2 more IVs in him so he had a total of 4–2 in each bend of his elbows.  Hospital from hell did not note their IV insertions but the perverted nurse signed that she was present at the original hospital when they inserted it (no–just another lie from her).  He remembers wondering if I had okayed what was happening to him but I hadn’t.  He remembers wanting to see me but couldn’t form the words to ask.  He remembers being scared and cold until he finally started trembling violently.  He remembers seeing the screen of his heart and wondering what was going on.

He remembers after the dr. was gone still laying on the cath table (he laid there for about 50 minutes after the procedure ended according to MRs).  He remembers once again that he was laying there naked, exposed, and cold.  He remembers a female heifer voice telling him they were going to do some suturing and it would hurt a lot.  (Remember their reasoning for conscious sedation is for the patient to feel no pain–well that’s a big lie.)  He remembers even in his fog, how badly the suturing of 3 areas hurt.  They chose not to use any numbing agent as they for some reason wanted it to hurt.  Maybe because as the doctor told me, they really resented being there on a Saturday night.  (So remember that you should schedule having a heart attack during weekday hours.)  He remembers eventually being transferred, still naked, to a gurney.  He remembers them throwing a gown and then a blanket over him.  He remembers them telling him he would get to see his family shortly.  That too was a lie as it wasn’t until well over 2 hours later that we finally flagged down someone so we could find out what had happened to him.  They apparently didn’t care about his mental well being either. 

By the way heifer is the nicest term I can consistently call these RNs.  Because of the Versed and fentanyl, his memories are limited.  He did hypnosis sessions that helped him regain these.  The sessions were very traumatic for him and me but he and I needed answers.  The hypnotist was very careful as to not suggest things to him but rather let him tell his story at his own pace.

Now I know that some may have issues with this story.  We have issues with this story as it is what happened to my husband.   This story should never have happened to him.  I want to tell this story to others because I want them to be aware of what can happen.  This may be the exception to the rule or this may happen more often than we realize.  I don’t know but I do know it can and did happen so everyone should be aware.  We weren’t and this is the result.  Mistreatment, abuse, and the lack of Informed Consent.  Everytime I think or tell this story, I cry because these medical things were so cruel, abusive, and violating to especially my husband.  What I suffered pales in comparison.  The drugs weren’t necessary as he is a big boy and if he had been allowed to exercise his basic human right to freedom to choose his treatment, he would have been okay w/o the drugs.  

He will never be the same again because of what they did to him physically and emotionally.  He had a procedure done without his consent.  The cath lab RNs were abusive, sexually inappropriate, and had a total lack of compassion for him.  If he had been female, this type of over exposure would not have happened.  If he had been female patient, then that female patient would not have been left alone and drugged with 4 male RNs.  They would have kept a female covered up.  I might mention that the transferring hospital sent paperwork to this large Catholic hospital that my husband was gay by stating his spouse was a “husband.”  This may be what prompted him receiving this violative and abusive treatment.  Or it could be that some female nurses like to torture and control especially older males for some sort of issue they suffer from emotionally.

I will say that having seem pictures of some of these heifers, they look like to me they could have issues with me.  One of them, the scrub, when I saw her had the most unpleasant, ugly expression on her overly made-up face.  Her face could launch a thousand nightmares.  If you think I am being unkind, it was earned by them so I will not apologize or even feel somewhat bad about my personal remarks.  They don’t deserve any humanity as they give none in their care.

The Beginning of Visiting Hell on Earth

Our journey into the deep bowels of hell began one evening in the summer of 2018.  My husband had had shortness of breath for a while.  He had gone to see a nurse practitioner because of the shortness of breath.  She did the tests and gave him some medicines for bronchitis.  The symptoms were relieved for a while but then came back.  He didn’t think much about it as he always has congestion due to allergies and we both know that medicines and medical intervention rarely cure anything completely.  My husband had prostate cancer and knows the “cure” causes other severe issues.  He also knew that the “cure” for the “cure” needs its own “cure” and so on.  Just watch any prescription drug commercial on tv.

On the evening of his heart attack, I found him leaning over the seat of the sofa in pain, rolling back and forth.  I told him he needed emergency help as I felt he was having a heart attack.  He said he didn’t think so as he was known to have back spasms due to old injuries.  We live in the country so I knew by the time an ambulance would have arrived that I could have him at the local hospital. The pain had lessened and I was able to get there very quickly.

We arrived at SS School ER.  They immediately took him in and began working with him.  They asked him questions such as what his pain level was at the moment and what had been his pain level at the worst of his attack.  During the worst which had been at home when he was on his knees leaning over the seat of the couch moaning in pain he told them ithad been at a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  They were asking him questions from a form and writing down/computing the answers.  They asked him about medicine allergies and he told them he knew of no allergies but has always had very little toleration for pain medicines as they totally incapacitate him for days.  They can make his blood pressure drop or raise, dizziness, and have out of body experiences.  He requested they give him as little as possible because of their ill effects.  They started an IV.  They gave him 4 more chewable aspirin (now I know too how many to give as I had given him one at home).  They also told him they were going to give him morphine in the IV and nitro tablets for the pain.  He agreed to that.  They also drew blood, did multiple EKGs, and a chest x-ray.  Everything seemed to be going well.  They seemed knowledgeable and kind.  The morphine didn’t seem to make into a total zombie.

Eventually, the doctor reached the conclusion that my husband had had a heart attack.  A few years ago,  the main school  had decided that our community did not need a full service hospital. So although it still had an ER, they could not fully treat and had to stabilize and send on.  They said he needed more care then they could give.  We both knew that he did not want to go to a school hospital as they are teaching hospitals so Rancidcan was the closest hospital that offered cardiac care 24/7 as far as we knew.  They mentioned that he might need different medicines, cardiac catheterization, open heart surgery, etc.  They also said they had asked for an ambulance or DeadCircle Air Ambulance.  It would be whichever would arrive first.  However, I think they had already decided it would DeadCircle. They said they would make the arrangements with Rancidcan. Several more times he was asked what his pain level was and he would reply a 1 out of 10 and describe it as being as dull ache.

By the time DeadCircle had arrived, my husband was not really in pain but was in discomfort.  The meds were working.  I had called our son and he had arrived by this time.  DeadCircle loaded my husband up and it took about 10 to 15 minutes for them to actually take flight.  I was told I couldn’t go with him so my son and I left for Rancidcan. Rancidcan is about 36 minutes away but that night it didn’t take as long.   SS Hospital told us to go to the ER desk and ask for him.  They didn’t know if he would be admitted through ER or directly into Cardiac Care.

From what I had experienced so far at SS Hospital, I thought everything was being done right and was thankful that they had stabilized him.  However, once we received his medical records, we realized that not everything was as we had thought.

When asked about the medicine allergies, he had answered he had no allergies per se but had a very low tolerance to any type of pain medicine and told what happens.  He also told them he would be essentially be a functioning zombie for days.  They made him foggy, lowered his blood pressure (sometimes raised it), dizzy, etc.  We didn’t think anything more about it as he had told them and they seemed to making notes.  With the morphine and nitro, his pain level was more a dull ache being at 1 out of 10.  Of course, he was still short of breath and still wondering if all of this was real.  I know when I looked at him I could tell he was deep in thought.

Upon viewing his medical records from SS Hospital, I discovered that they had not made note of his pain medicine intolerance and his request that it would be used very sparingly.  I now wonder why so many questions are asked when clearly that don’t care about the replies or sometimes just flat out don’t listen.  In fact, I wonder if medical people don’t intentionally give pain killers in the hopes of extending their drug addiction services in the future or make it so they don’t have to deal with the patient?  It is a thought.  Healthy people don’t need as many medical services so there would not be as many medical jobs.  It seems making people totally healthy could be considered a conflict of interest—their own.  It also seems that when people are drugged that they are more quiet and allow medical people more control over them.

Progressing through these medical records, I came across the part completed by DeadCircle.  Up to this point in life, I had respected the work that paramedics and emts do.  Now I do not.  Here is what they wrote in their initial assessment of him:

“On arrival an initial assessment by DC4 crew, the patient was found in semi-fowler’s position on the referring’s ED cot.  He was A/Ox3 and appeared to be in pain.  He c/o CP 8/10 at this time.  ….he spoke full sentences without distress.  He did c/o sob and would moan occasionally”.

First off, I was in the ER bay with my husband.  He did not have a look of pain on his face but rather a look of a man that was overwhelmed by what had happened and of happenings to come.  He was not all sunshine and lollipops but I would have thought that would have been an abnormal reaction.  He was not comfortable of course.  He had been given multiple Ekgs with the probes being applied, removed, applied, removed, applied, IVs, and the news that he had had a heart attack and needed more care and what care was still debatable at least to what we though.  I also heard him say that his pain level was a 1 out of 10 and it was just a dull ache.  He did not have a pain level of 8.  In the midst of the actual heart attack at home, it was only a 7.  With a 7 pain level, he was on the floor bending and rolling over the seat of the couch and with verbal pain sounds.  In the ER, he was sitting on the gurney breathing heavily as had been the norm for him for about 2 weeks.  He was not on the floor nor was he moaning in pain.  He has always had a slight noise (like a sigh)maybe a little moan when he breathes as he has bad allergies or when he is deep in thought.  He spoke in full sentences because he was not in great pain.  Since this is an example of their patient evaluation skills then I will take my chances and do without their services.  Clearly, their assessment skills are lacking or maybe they just like to lie.  It is also that most cath. labs like for their patients to arrived drugged as they do not have to deal with the patient resisting by asking questions.

DeadCircle said his pain level prior to their arrival was 8.  Again, absolutely false.  There is no documentation in the medical records from SS Hospital to substantiate this claim.  Again, I was sitting there and he did not say 8 but 1 and dull ache.  Again at 10:40 and 10:48, they falsely claimed his pain level was at 8 out of 10.  He wasn’t rolling on the floor or screaming in pain.  In fact, he himself said he just felt discomfort or a dull ache on DeadCircle until he felt no discomfort or ache at all.  No discomfort or ache at all—I bet you are wondering why.  That is because at 10:53 before they even took off, they gave him 100mcg of Fentanyl in his IV without his knowledge.  My husband said they did not ask him about pain in the helicopter because he had on protective headphones and he couldn’t hear anything over the roar of the helicopter.  He said he could not even hear the crew talk.  He said that on the 12 minute ride that he was deep in thought.  He said he was never in pain worse than he had been before he went to the ER.  He wasn’t even aware of the Fentanyl until we had discovered it in his medical records.

This begs the question of why?  Do they routinely give people such potent opiate drugs?   For whose convenience is it being done—theirs or the patient?  My husband certainly did not want such a drug.  What if he had been a recovering opiate user?  They could have carelessly ruined his life without much thought on their part.  What if he was a person that just one dose of a drug can trigger an addiction gene?  He wasn’t pain—it was only 1 or a dull ache.

Once DeadCircle landed, my husband said they had to flag down some Rancidcan employee to let them in the building as they could not gain entry.  According to DeadCircle, “the receiving facility was notified about 10 minutes out of our arrival but the crew was slightly delayed on arrival (delays related to gaining entry into the hospital and attempting to locate the cath lab once a nurse in the parking lot badged us in) because security had been told to expect a ground transfer not air and were not on hand when the crew arrived at the helipad.”  Of course, Rancidcan blames SS Hospital but SS Hospital and Rancidcan had been in communication since 10:22 about my husband’s admittance to Rancidcan.  SS Hospital stated they had been talking with a physician by the name of Saar Paul.  They didn’t get his real name correct so I will use it.  What I really call him is not printable.  Quack is just about the nicest I can get about that physician graduate of School of Dentistry and Medicine (notice that medicine is last).  They also said they discussed the case with a cardiologist called Shearer.  Again, SS Hospital got his name wrong.  You may see a pattern here that SS Hospital fails to hear things properly.  Remember his real pain level was a 1 not 8.   I don’t care whose fault it was.  The fact is they both contributed to this Laurel & Hardy routine of ineptness.  And furthermore, we are not laughing.  I think both SS School Hospital and DeadCircle have been negligent in their care.

At 11:18p, DeadCircle put down for their last recording of his pain level that it was a 1 out 10.  That’s what he maintained he had all along until he had none and he felt he was living in slow motion because of DeadCircle basically spiking his IV with an opiate.  On the hand-off sheet to Rancidcan, DeadCircle noted the 100mcg of Fentanyl.  DeadCircle also noted that he was alert—oriented to event, person, place and time and skin was warm and dry at 22:38 when they first came into contact with him.  However, they stated on the hand-off sheet they said he was diaphoresis (excessive sweat) as a diagnosis but on the same hand-off they said under the skin category that his that his skin was warm and dry.   Again, what drugs are they on?  Does the crew of DeadCircle alternate between reality and make-believe at the drop of a hat or less?  Maybe they like to hedge their bets so they have all bases covered?  On the same evaluation paper, they cannot get their assessment to agree.  Either he was excessively sweating or his skin was warm and DRY.  To me, this DeadCircle  crew doesn’t know what they are doing.

Upon revisiting the issue of DeadCircle giving my husband Fentanyl and SS School Hospital neglecting to make a notation of his pain killer intolerance, I would like to make a few points.  My husband presented with chest pain and shortness of breath.  He, as he maintains, was doing fine at a pain level of about 1 out of 10 as it was just a dull ache.  He did not ask for more pain killers but was given more without his consent or knowledge.   The DeadCircle crew decided to give him a large dose of Fentanyl for only reasons they really know.  Fentanyl itself can cause tightness of chest, difficulty breathing, rapid or slow heartbeat, convulsions, chest pain, nausea, rapid breathing, trouble breathing, sweating, cough, severe sleepiness, trouble concentrating, coldness and confusion.  They gave this to a man who had already said he has intolerance to pain killers and he has never has he taken one this strong.  He had also told SS Hospital that pain killers mess with his blood pressure.  How utterly careless of them!  Although both morphine and fentanyl are both opiates, fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine.  So they gave fentanyl on top of the morphine without his permission and against what he had already told SS School Hospital.

The DeadCircle crew assisted in the transfer of my husband directly onto the cath lab table.  They said there was a physician at bedside. Who that was, we don’t know as Rancidcan records are lacking.  It may have been Saar Paul or Shearer.  Rancidcan seems to feel that patients do not have the right to know about their care and who is providing the care.  But that is a story for another blog.  We also don’t know how long the DeadCircle crew stayed in the cath. lab.  It appears they were there 31 minutes.  So what did they do?  There was no reason for them to stay that long as the cath. lab had enough people in it or do they merely like to stay around and watch?  It must have been a 3-ring circus with my husband as the main attraction, naked and exposed.  I was the only one it seems that was not allowed information about my husband, to see him, or help him in his decision process.   Is my attitude sarcastic?  You bet.  This horror story has only just begun.

We both feel that SS School Hospital and DeadCircle are major contributors in the traumatic events that are yet to come.  We both feel they have forever damaged our faith in the healthcare system to do the right thing or even want intervention from them.  I know that I will never seek medical care. My husband is very leery about further medical intervention and that is bad because he is a heart attack survivor with no thanks from any of the above mentioned medical systems.    In fact, it is a testament to his strong will to survive that he is still here.  I thank my lucky stars that he did not let them discourage him or force him to give up because of their inhumane treatment.  The actions of SS School Hospital, DeadCircle, and Rancidcan Health has put undue stress on not only him but me.  Part of the changes they say he needs to make in his life is to eliminate stress but they have stacked it on him by their actions.

Why have I told this ugly, scary story?   Because I feel people need to be made aware of what can happen.  Medicine thrives on being mysterious.  They believe that once you enter their doors what happens to you is their choice and theirs alone.  They do not feel that you have the right to know and that you are not entitled to make decisions about your own bodies.    They may have tons of attorneys but what I have stated is from their “legal medical records” and I do have the right to freedom of speech although I am sure they disagree.   My husband has gone through hypnosis to get back memories that were purposely erased by Rancidcan.  He has done this to try to gain the control that they took away from him.  No one has the right to take away your memories!   I will talk about this issue more in another blog.  More people who have suffered at the hands of the medical community need to speak up!  The only way they will change is if they are forced.  Ultimately, it is our life and our body.  We need to take back control.  Medical people only provide services.  Mechanics, waitresses, teachers, etc. provide services and sadly we oversee their deeds more than we oversee the services done directly to our bodies.

About Me

I am in my mid 50’s.  In my younger days, I used to be more liberal in my thinking but since then I have grown up.  Every citizen of this country has the right to equal treatment under the law.  Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and until they prove otherwise, respect.  Otherwise, being distantly polite is all they are going to get.

In my younger days, I was a job representative and oftentimes went up against my employers for the rights of my co-workers.  It was rewarding but also frustrating.  I usually won because I am thorough.  I also broadcasted my point of view far and wide.  I was not afraid to tangle with anyone or anything.  If I didn’t win completely, they always knew that they had been in a battle.  I remember defending my best friend’s husband during an ethic’s violation hearing.  I worked for the State of Indiana and my Executive Director was being questioned.  I caught her in a lie and it became apparent to the committee that she had lied.  Once we left the hearing, she was flanked by her staff attorneys and they were waiting for an elevator.  They were shooting me murderous looks so when the elevator came, I passed on that one.  I pick my fights carefully.  Later when a new governor was elected and Executive Director was on the chopping block, she called me into her office.  She wanted to know if I would put in a good word for her.  We somehow, after all of our differences were able to respect one another’s abilities.  Mine for her was better to know the devil you have rather than to have learn about a new devil by trial and fire.

I also remember being courted by big unions when our little employee union merged with another for more clout.  We, the board of directors, were in a meeting with some pretty rough and tumble union reps.  When I asked about cost to our members, this typical mafia stereotype union rep, got right in my face and said rather menacingly that when you buy a Cadillac you don’t worry about the cost of gas.  I, in return, stood up and got back in his face and told him that owning an Escort that I still worried about the cost of gas.  Later, one of our paid union reps said she would have never confronted that man.  I said that man needed to know that pushing people around just wouldn’t fly with me.  We did not merge with that union.

For a number of years I have let that side of me sleep but recently I have had reason to bring back that side.  I am passionately and fiercely loyal but had allowed the “take them on no matter what” side to more or less become dormant.  However, recently I have had a wakeup call that side of me needs to become energized.  I have opinions and when wrongs have been committed, they need to be addressed. I also see the need to speak up because that is the only way that other people will know that they are not alone in what they are feeling.

My great-aunt had a saying:  “What comes around, goes around.”  I really believe that to be true.  Here’s to hoping that the medical community will reap the seeds they sow.

Some areas that I am passionate about are:

healthcare    discrimination     animal rights                      senior rights    just doing the right thing    politics   and now religion

It is actually healthcare that has gotten me back to wanting to voice major concerns to bring about change.  My husband is probably the most kindest man ever created.  People tend to take advantage of him.  In the following blogs (which there will be many about this), I will tell a story about a horrific, nightmare medical encounter he and our family experienced.  I want others to understand what can happen if you are not aware of how horrible healthcare can be.  I would like to use the name of the actual place where the monstrosities occurred but I will change the names of the places and the names of the guilty parties involved.  It is truly a bone chilling story.

It is also scary because it involves discrimination of age, sexual preference, religion, and freedom of choice.  I didn’t think much about how aging people are treated in the healthcare industry.  It is true that as we age, we can expect to have more medical encounters.  Many healthcare workers are young and sometimes these young workers have no respect or compassion when dealing with us older folks.

Also, I just always assumed that LGBT people would be treated fairly in a healthcare setting.  However, sadly enough I learned that is not true especially if the hospital is a religious hospital.  My husband of more than 30 years, was labelled as gay.  I am, and have been my whole life, female but a transferring hospital put down on his paperwork that he had a husband.  Whether the resulting abuse he suffered at the hands of the religious hospital originated from that, in part, or they just are abusive because they can be, will probably never be fully answered.  But I feel it did play a part.

I have learned that the constitution granting equal rights to all really does not.   The medical community for too long has been able to basically do what and how they please without any questions.  It is time that we take back our rights and make medical care better and less abusive.  It is true that medical care is driven by greed and power.  At least, that is how I see it.  Being a male patient is especially dangerous in a medical world where most care is given by female staff who basically go unmonitored and not questioned.  It needs to change.

Please join me on my journey to help bring about change.  I know that the story I will be telling is unbelievable.  But it is real as we had to live through the abuse and will forever more have to deal with the memory of what happened.  I hope that telling this story will help others not to not become a victim in what was for us, a very vulnerable and scary time in our lives.  Unfortunately, the medical community knows this and will take full advantage if you aren’t aware of their tactics.