How One Nurse Abused My Husband

I will call this nurse Feather Wench.  She is a bleached blonde woman who thinks she eludes the southern belle charm and somewhat famous looks.  She also likes to party and drink.  I have done my research on those who have abused and violated my husband to try to find out their motive(s).   In general, I think this person is just a bad person who is in over her head as far as nursing skills, compassion, and just being humane.

Nurse Wench started her abuse of my husband when he first arrived in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit.  Wench has worked at Rancidcan for almost 11 years.  She is not new to cardiac care.  There is a reason I am mention this.

He was taken by gurney by 2 of the heifers from the cath lab.  He was still very out of it from the drugs that he should have never received.  Once to the room, they used the waffle mattress to transfer him to the bed.  During the transfer, the gown that they threw on him right before the transfer, fell off.  The first comment out of Wench’s mouth was that he did not have the right gown on for her area and that needed to fixed immediately.  So instead of getting him settled and hooking him up to the life-saving equipment he needed, Wench left him naked and exposed while she searched for the proper gown.  You would think that:  1.  a qualified nurse would know that hooking him up to life-saving equipment would be the number one priority, 2.  What Rancidcan gown a patient arrived in really didn’t matter, 3.  Wench would not leave a patient naked and exposed meaning no gown, no cover, and no curtain closed.   This is how his time with Wench started.   Since he was drugged, he does not remember every second of time but the constant exposure was so horrible to him that if has been able to penetrate their purposeful memory erasing tactics.

These transfers of patients from gurney to their must be conducted in secret or so is the policy of Rancidcan.   No family can be present during this secret ritual.  It is a ritual we were told that would take around 30 minutes.  It took over 2 hours and that without any word from them as to why and no explanation or apology.  During this time it is impossible to know all the abuse he tolerated at the hands of Wench.

After the great gown crisis, Wench eventually found her correct gown and put in on him.  However, she for whatever reasons, did not pull the gown around his genital area nor did she pull the blanket up around that area.  He had 2 medical devices sutured to his thighs (again w/o any numbing agent).  These devices were the 2 devices that were supposedly to be use to give his heart a rest after his heart attack.  However, Wench was not able to get at least one of them hooked up and working.  However, there is no note of this in his medical record as they purposely do not put negative information such as this in medical files so it can prove their incompetence, neglect, and substandard care.

Unknown to us, just the family worrying in the waiting room, wondering what is going on, Wench has a room full of techs and other staff present.  However, as she told me, she left my husband exposed as she did not know how to cover his genital area so the devices on his thigh were accessible.  Really?  She has been a nurse for 11 years and at least 4 years of schooling, and she did not know how to fulfill her oath of protecting patient dignity?

What is also astound is during this time, she performed full bedpan duties and perineal care.  In other words, since she did not know how to protect my husband’s privacy, while these other IT techs were in the room, she made my husband urinate and then cleaned him up in their presence for all their entertainment needs.  How callous, heartless, and sexually abusive/inappropriate!  According to the medical records, this happened at least 3 times.  I can’t believe she would subject a defenseless patient to such a public display.  Even the curtain was not drawn to shield him from the hallway and a set of main doors opened and closed continuously right outside of his room.  Of course, we did not know this at the time.  This went on for over 2 hours.  This Wench made my husband a public spectacle for over 2 hours.

They never came to get us but eventually my son said that the next _sshole he saw exiting from that door (by my husband’s room), he was going to stop.  He heard the door and was up in a flash.  A dark hair nurse, I will call Joker Some Joke ( who also pulled social work duty asking questions of a man heavily sedated and just out of a major procedure had he been out of the country recently, etc), exited the doors and was heading away from the waiting room.  He quickly caught up with her but before he could say anything, she turned to him laughing the entire time, “I was on my way to come and get you to take you to your husband’s room.”  First off–no she wasn’t on her way to get us because she exited the doors and was heading in the other direction.  Secondly, she was talking to my son and not to me as I was slower in getting up so my husband is not my son’s husband.  By the time, they had gotten over to where I was, she was still laughing.  She said still laughing, “I just came from his room. (LAUGHING STILL)  I am not his nurse.   (LAUGHING STILL).  The nurse had trouble hooking him up to his machines and I have been helping her out. (LAUGHING STILL)   I will buzz you and he is in room C366 at the end of the hall.”  She buzzed us in, and still laughing, she turned and left.

As we were entering the room, my son said he thought he had left his diabetic supplies in the waiting room because he had to jump up quickly to get to that nurse as they didn’t have the decency to let us know anything for over 2 hours  (my husband had been taken to the rm. around 1:50a and now it was exactly 4a.  My husband has said how desperately he wanted to see me and thought maybe I had gone home and they said nothing to him.).  I knew with the stress from how Rancidcan had treated us, that his glucose level was nearing 400.  He was taking readings a lot.  He is a fairly new Type 1.  I told him he had better quickly go back and get his supplies.

I entered the room.  Wench was standing on his right side with his genital area exposed while she was doing something on the bedside computer.  As she turned she was smiling but stopped smiling when she saw it was someone other than a hospital employee and pulled is covers up and said, “You will have to leave as I need to look at his groin areas and I can’t do that without exposing him.”  I said that I am his wife.  She looked like she did not believe it and asked me for my name.  I told her I am Mrs. _______.  She looked at her computer screen and hit some keys and asked again who I was.  I said I am his wife, Mrs. _______.  She said she wanted my first name.  I told her.  She wanted me to spell it.  I did.  She then laughingly said, “You can stay as I think I just figured out how to look at his groin without exposing him.  She also said that she had had issues with his machines and was catching up on paperwork.”  While she said this, she was pulling up the covers between his legs while leaving his gown bunched up around his stomach area.

I was so numbed and beaten down by what I had already gone through, that I was not my usual self.  I live daily with the knowledge of what that Wench said and I did nothing to defend my husband who was helpless as her captive.  I will never forgive myself.

When I saw my husband, I knew he was drugged.  He never said anything except yes or no in response to my questions.  He didn’t initiate conversation nor did he reach for my hand like he would normally.  He mostly kept his eyes closed but could respond with prompting.

We stayed less than 10 minutes as Wench only told us we were outside of visiting time and could visit him during normal visiting hours.  She added as she handed us a paper with a number she had wrote down that if we wanted to call and talk with him we would have to have this number or else we would not be allowed to talk to him.  I left his cell phone with him as I asked him if he would like to have his cell phone and he said yes.   I dialed our daughter so she could her her dad’s voice as we weren’t allowed much information to give her nor were we allowed to stay.

However, as Wench has documented in his medical records, we were visiting around 3a.  That is a lie and falsification of a legal medical record to cover her as_.  She also states she gave us all kinds of information about his condition, his medication, his equipment, his diet, etc.  There are pages and pages where she falsified his medical records saying she had done her job correctly.  She never told us anything.  Somewhere  around 3a, Wench dated and put an X on a legal document for my drugged husband to sign saying he would accept blood transfusions.  If he had not been drugged, he would have never signed this paper but Wench again took advantage of him.  As I said, I knew at 4a that he was drugged out of his mind.

Wench never told me I could have spent the night in his room.  She never told me anything about his condition.  She only told me about exposing him and about the number.

Sometime after we left, my husband said he remembers starting to feel nausea.  This is a side effect he normally experiences from pain killer and told SS Teaching Hospital but they failed to write this down and Rancidcan failed to ask.  There was a standing order for Ondansetron that is used for nausea due to pain killers.  However, for whatever reason, it was never used.

Around 6 a, he started choking and vomiting.  He was laying almost flat.  He was able to turn his head and eventually vomited towards his left shoulder onto his gown, blanket, and sheets.  Wench proceeded to clean him up.

First Wench throws back his blanket.  She then stripped off his gown.  She uses a towel around the messy area and goes to found new bed linens and a gown.  She then tells him to turn on his side, still naked and the curtain not closed and nothing over his genital region.  He could feel her missing with the sheets and eventually she tells him to roll to the other side, still naked.  She pulls the sheets and then has him lay on his back again.  She then washes him still leaving him totally exposed.  She then puts a new gown on him and then a blanket.  Apparently, Wench was not present during her educational process that total exposure of the patient is not acceptable.  She should be conscientious and keep the patient’s genital area cover as a sign of human respect.  Apparently, my husband is not worthy of her not sexually assaulting him whenever she had the opportunity.  Luckily, there was a shift change a few hours later and Wench’s reign of terror was over.  The other nurses did not have the sexual inappropriateness that Wench had or to a lesser degree demonstrated,  Joker Some Joke.

The effects of the fentanyl and Versed made him unable to put his thoughts into words/actions during most of time at Rancidcan.  During his last day there, his head cleared enough that he knew he had to get out of there.  He didn’t want to tell me then about how he had been abused because he knew I was going through hell from what they had done to me.  Neither of us knew why he had had this procedure done.  Each thought the other had given consent when actually, no consent is needed by patients or family once you become their victim by entering their door.  However, now he feels that he was sexually violated by Wench in addition to having had a procedure that he did not want and did not consent to have done.  He suffers from PTSD.  The things that he does remember scare him and me but what really scares us are the things he cannot remember.  He no longer trusts any female nurses and always wants me present.  If I can’t be present, he will not accept treatment as he is justifiably afraid of female nurses/staff.  My husband is scared and has changed since this horrible experience.  He no longer trusts these people to do the right thing.  He is angry that they chose for him what he now has to live with forever and having to take prescription medicine that in turn will likely cause issues with all the side effects each of them have.  He worries about me and the stress I have suffered along with his own stress.  We both worry about with their abusive treatment of him, their lies, and mistakes what does his future health look like?  Did they actually do him no addition harm in the procedure?  He is upset that they did not protect his personal privacy but also did not protect his medical information privacy.  They also have sent his personal private identifiable information and medical information to many registries and data collection agencies without his permission.  He feels totally violated.

I have PTSD.  I feel I let my husband down by not protecting him from these evil people.  I feel victimized by Boris Hollow the chaplain who invaded our privacy and refused to go away.  I feel angry that they refused to let me see him before the procedure as they wanted no interference with their plans.  I am angry about the rude and sexist doctor.  I am angry at the whole cath lab experience being done w/o consent and how badly they treated me.  I am beyond angry at Wench and Joker Some Joke for the abusive treatment we know of and scared of what else they might have done.  We are angry because Rancidcan and SS Teaching Hospital doesn’t care about how harmful their actions have been.  My son feels angry that he and I were victimized and that his father was abused and victimized.  My daughter also is suffering from the stress of what has happened.  We will never forget how badly these people harmed us.

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