Response to Gender Care Not Being Equal

Here is a response I received from a woman who is now an RN.

As you can see, some medical personnel do not leave their personal baggage at the door. They do not leave their sexual impulses at the door. It also shows that female staff have the same impulse to cause sexual harm that is acknowledged that male staff have within them. Generally, society gives female medical staff an exception card to having sexual impulses when dealing with patients. Clearly, the impulse to humiliate and harm by these “girls” is clearly shown.

2 Replies to “Response to Gender Care Not Being Equal”

  1. I have to wonder if this so called nurse is a troll. First of all, I have never heard of a hernia facility. Hernia surgery would be performed at any OR or maybe even an outpatient facility, depending upon the complexity. Secondly, given her youth, HIPAA would most likely be in force as it’s not likely she is talking about something from long ago. With HIPAA, medical care cannot be performed in the presence of other patients or their families without a violation. That includes shave prep. Also, if she was an intern during nursing school she would have had the benefit of studies in ethics, patient safety, HIPAA requirements, patient advocacy, critical thinking skills, and so on which would have been in direct conflict with what she said she was taking part in. I cannot imagine a roomful of men laid out exposed for genital shaving with curtains open, families present, non-medical staff coming and going, nursing students smirking, all without SOMEONE saying “HEY, this isn’t right!” I know abuses occur, but this example this is over the top.

    1. I have done an Internet search and found plenty of hernia surgery centers so it is possible. She is probably in her 30’s and I know 14 years ago in a Florida they did shaving with family present and just curtains around the area. The poster did not say it was a room full of men waiting to be shaved. I assumed it was like most surgery holding areas where there are more or less cubicles. The curtains in Florida weren’t pulled but I pulled them when the tech came in to shave my husband. I am sure the 30 something year old nurse at Rancidcan also studied ethics, HIPAA and knew sexually violating a patient is against the law but she did it anyway and no one who witnessed it said to “Stop” and some were also nurses but some were non-medical personnel. Also, at Rancidcan my husband was stripped naked, left naked, shaved, w/ the 3 air ambulance people in the room, a registration person, a clergy, and nameless others so yes, exposure to non medical people does still happen. She could be a troll but there is a very good possibility she is not as hernia centers do exist. We even have one in Indy. I saw several in Florida.

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