What Nurses Really Do

This is now how we view nurses–as potential molesters. That is because most do not care how they act towards a patient may really cause harm to a patient. They do not care if they expose a patient unnecessarily or to whom they expose a patient. They contend that they have seen it all before or that everyone has the same body parts but it is not them being exposed so their argument doesn’t really work. Male patients are have been intimately exposed by female nurses for years. Females nurses seem to think that no male has the right to personal dignity. Most nurses are arrogant and think they have the right to belittle and demean male patients. Most female nurses seek to demean, degrade, devalue, demoralize, dehumanize, etc. male patients by their sociopathic need for power and control. By exposing male patients, they feel like the superior. Such sexual exposure is a sexual crime and those nurses who do this should be criminally charged and forever lose their licenses.

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