Why Isn’t Healthcare Patient Friendly?

Because of what happened to my husband last August and all that has happened since then, I have come to the conclusion that healthcare is not patient orientated. Yes, of course, patients are the specimens for care and the vehicle for payment but the delivery of healthcare is not setup to be patient friendly. According to www.forbes.com, over 4 billion dollars will be spent on healthcare in the US this year. That is a lot of money so you would think the consumer–the patient– would have some power.

If you said yes, then you would be wrong. According to government oversight agencies like Quality Improvement Organizations part of KEPRO or Medicare oversight for us lay people, I was told by their representative that even if a patient states they do not want a certain medication, the doctor has the power to inject it into their bodies against their will. So if you are a patient and you do not want such a satanic drug such as versed that makes you uninhibited (in other words you will be agreeable when they decided to leave you naked in front of a crowd of spectators or for medical rape for females that is when they invite a group to give you multiple pelvic exams and for males that is when they invite groups to give you multiple rectal exams), submissive, and erase your memory of most the procedure events and even some before, after, and forevermore, the doctor can inject it into your body against your will and knowledge.

Another way you would be wrong is if you believed it was not okay for medical providers to falsify medical records. When a patient brings that to the attention of Medicare, then Medicare will only review the medical record from the medical provider as evidence even though you told them was falsified. What you say makes no difference for surely mere mortal are not able to tell the truth. Only the deity-like medical providers can tell the truth because they are not mere mortals. Sinmply stated, Medicare does not care if the medical profession falsified your medical record to cover up harm or mistakes. If a medical professional did not say in the medical for instance that “I sexually molested the patient by leaving him unnecessary exposed while I used him to entertain a whole room of techs” than Medicare says no harm, no foul because the medical records are more sacred and accurate than granite. If a medical professional decides to omit what drugs you have experienced severe side effects, that’s okay too and maybe it won’t kill you but that would be okay too because they would no longer have to pay your medical bills through Medicare. (I think this would qualify as a conflict of interest if we weren’t talking about patient rights because patients have no rights.) So they didn’t get your consent for the procedure because you were drugged out of your mind and they didn’t write that down. You got what they considered their gold standard of treatment which really is code for the procedure brings into the medical system a lot gold so of course that is the one they choose. Aren’t we lucky that police investigations are not ran the same way by allowing the written statement of the criminal saying their are innocent to be the end of the investigation. Apparently, polices are smarter and more ethical than Medicare investigators. Medicare also feels medical professionals are justified in lying to justify gold standards of treatment and patients do not have the right to decide their treatment plan. It is indeed a scary world when the agency that is supposed to protect senior patients from abuse and fraud are as complicit in the abuse because they essentially allow it to happen without batting an eyelash.

Now we should talk about lawmakers. They will never help patient have rights because it is not in their best interest. The healthcare industry has big power in lobbying. Lobbying means big money for lawmakers. Big money for lawmakers means they are being paid to keep healthcare like it is–a literal goldmine for the medical community and free rein on how it is run and how healthcare is delivered. The loser is the common person as we have no power or no one lobbying for us. In Indiana, the malpractice law favors the medical community so overwhelmingly that it is damn near impossible to win a malpractice suit. Our late, not-so-great Governor Otis Bowen (Dr. as in M.D.) saw to that. Of course, politicians have no healthcare worries. We foot their bills and they get the best our money can buy for them. However, they too, will get the versed to erase their memory so the procedure nurses and techs can leave them naked so they can entertain their sociopathic need to devalue, dehumanize, and demean every patient who has to have a procedure done. It is that saying “What You (the patient) don’t know won’t hurt them (the medical provider) hence is why you are drugged so you probably won’t remember them taking pictures of your genitals, making fun of their size or lack of, being fondled, for men how the penis shrinks when cold and how much cold it takes to make it shrink into itself, etc or you get the picture. This is common entertain and this is why the memory erasing drugs are used. It is for their protection as it is not in your best interests.

My father, at 85 year old, fell and broke his hip. At the ER, another location of the hospital from hell (we are limited on hospitals where I live) had an ER doctor who said multiple times while my father was lying there just wanting to get fixed and go home that , “You’re dying and there is nothing we can do for you.” My father shut down. The ER doctor was right. They did not fix his hip but he laid their for about a month with a broken hip in pain and couldn’t move. They wanted him on hospice which is another group of satanic providers I detest and abhor. I saw the look of shut down come over his facial expression. He never talked about that even though before that ER trip he was functioning as well as he could. Perhaps the ER doctor made a call to Medicare and they said get rid of this mere mortal. Could be–I don’t know. Now take a look at the healthcare provided to George Bush and Jimmy Carter. No medical expense is spared to save their lives. Broken hip–no problem it gets fixed with no questions or hesitation. Are they more entitled to life than a mere mortal?

It is also the arrogance of the medical profession. It is how they act as if they are superior to us. It is as if they are doing us a favor by us paying them to provide a service. Everything they do conveys how superior they think they are. It is very dangerous for society to have such a large class of people thinking they are superior and their rights supercede any and all of our rights. The fact the medical profession think they are feel to impose treatment upon patients without consent or knowledge is beyond troubling. What it means is anyone who enters their doors may have anything done to them. What is even scarier is they can justify it before the agencies set up to govern or oversee them. Medicare acting as CMS through Livanta turns a blind eye to what medical providers actually do. Livanta only reviews what is in the medical records. All any smart provider who wants to cover up wrongdoing has to do is to falsify the records show acceptable standards have been followed. With the advent of the Electronic Medical Records, it is very easy to manipulate the records as most procedures and such have pick and choose phrases to use. Most medical providers know what should have been done so covering up what shouldn’t have been is super easy. Livanta will not question them. So if a medical provider does not input into a medical record they sexually abused a patient, performed a procedure without consent, or a patient who was really drugged out of their mind is listed as alert and capable, Livanta accepts it as medical records do not lie according to them. Even when they found issues such as consent was not given/signed before the procedure started, they made excuses there was not although proof of that was not in the medical records. They said they were too busy before the procedure to start to document it but during the procedure they were not busy and able to document it. That makes more sense they would have spare time for documentation during an intensive procedure than before the procedure started. Livanta is clearly in the business to protect the medical provider as the reviews are done by medical providers. It is much like having a fox watch a henhouse and the farmer wondering what happened to the chickens. Medicare does not seem to have the best interest of the elderly at heart literally in this case. They were very critical of us especially me as I was the one questioning what happened as it is too stressful for my husband to emerged in this nightmare in addition to the garbage of having to live with what they have done to him–the medical and sexual assault.

Clearly once you become older, you have no recourse. They know as you age, the more likely you are to need ongoing medical care. That is the way healthcare works. Once you become a patient, you will forever be a patient. You are viewed as a money making entity. If you do not comply, then you will be punished. My husband did not comply so they taught him a lesson. No questions–just follow our commands. We were told by Rancidcan that we should get use to being exposed as we are getting older and will be having more procedures done. Get use to being abused and treated like you don’t matter? It is no wonder what suicide rates for the elderly has risen over the years. I know my husband despairs now when having to see any medical provider. He trusts none of them now. He did not feel that way before what happened.

I will be publishing parts of the letters we have received from Livanta so everyone can see how this government oversight of the medical industry works. It is truly amazing how they do not hide their bias for Medicare recipients. Perhaps if he was on Medicaid it would be different. The insurance company is smarter. They play along like they are fighting for you but in reality, they too are in bed with the medical industry. As a common patient/human, you have no one fighting for you. The medical industry does not have to care and they know it. If you die, they also know there will be someone else available to take your place in their money generating procedures, drugs, and tests. They will not miss you except if you dare to question them, they will be glad to see you go. If really makes you wonder if there really are blue pills, red pills they get to give to determine if you live or die? I bet we will get the die pills because of being disobedient in their eyes.

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