Cath Lab Privacy Protocol

Here is an article from Cath Lab Digest:

It also is suggested that patients only be given 1 mg versed and 25 to 50 mcg of fentanyl. My husband was given 150 mcg of fentanyl and later 25 more mcg. It is said patients should still be able to function. He was not able to function.

Since they lied about him being alert x3, what else did they lie about? Of course, the Rancidcan did not note in their records that he had received the 100 mcg of fentanyl less than 15 minutes prior to arrival but it was noted to them in the handoff sheet . According to CMS and Livanta, for Rancidcan since it was not noted it did not happen even though DeadCircle noted it. Medical personnel are truly the drug pushers of this country yet the criminal justice system ignores this and the government applauds and encourages it. The drugging of my husband was done because he was not accepting of their gold standard of care and they did not want to lose their precious statistics of low door to balloon time in order to actually give him and I his basic right of true informed consent. They have the power to control and they certainly use it. The sexual abuse he suffered was probably their form of punishment for him initially wanting to have input into what drugs they used and to be able to choose his treatment course of action. They will not tolerate any human interfering with their gold standard of treatment nor how fast they can deliver it.

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