About Me

I am in my mid 50’s.  I used to be a democrat but then I grew up and realized that they did not have my best interest at heart.  So I became an independent but I really like Trump because he tells it as he sees it.  It may not be pretty but he tells it just the same.  He stands up for what he believes in and doesn’t cave into bullying.  I appreciate that as this world is full of bullies.  I don’t have to like everything he does nor does he have to be perfect.

In my younger days, I was a job representative and oftentimes went up against my employers for the rights of my co-workers.  It was rewarding but also frustrating.  I usually won because I am thorough.  I also broadcasted my point of view far and wide.  I was not afraid to tangle with anyone or anything.  If I didn’t win completely, they always knew that they had been in a battle.  I remember defending my best friend’s husband during an ethic’s violation hearing.  I worked for the State of Indiana and my Executive Director was being questioned.  I caught her in a lie and it became apparent to the committee that she had lied.  Once we left the hearing, she was flanked by her staff attorneys and they were waiting for an elevator.  They were shooting me murderous looks so when the elevator came, I passed on that one.  I pick my fights carefully.  Later when a new governor was elected and she was on the chopping block, she called me into her office.  She wanted to know if I would put in a good word for her.  We somehow, after all of our differences were able to respect one another’s abilities.  Mine for her was better to know the devil you have rather than to have learn about a new devil by trial and fire.

I also remember being courted by big unions when our little employee union merged with another for more clout.  We, the board of directors, were in a meeting with some pretty rough and tumble union reps.  When I asked about cost to our members, this typical mafia stereotype union rep, got right in my face and said rather menacingly that when you buy a Cadillac you don’t worry about the cost of gas.  I, in return, stood up and got back in his face and told him that owning an Escort that I still worried about the cost of gas.  Later, one of our paid union reps said she would have never confronted that man.  I said that man needed to know that pushing people around just wouldn’t fly with me.  We did not merge with that union.

For a number of years I have let that side of me sleep but recently I have had reason to bring back that side.  I am passionately and fiercely loyal but had allowed the “take them on no matter what” side to more or less become dormant.  However, recently I have had a wakeup call that side of me needs to become energized.  I have opinions and when wrongs have been committed, they need to be addressed. I also see the need to speak up because that is the only way that other people will know that they are not alone in what they are feeling.

Some areas that I am passionate about are:

healthcare                           discrimination                    animal rights        senior rights                       just doing the right thing    politics

It is actually healthcare that has gotten me back to wanting to voice major concerns to bring about change.  My husband is probably the most kindest man ever created.  People tend to take advantage of him.  In the following blogs (which there will be many about this), I will tell a story about a horrific, nightmare medical encounter he and our family experienced.  I want others to understand what can happen if you are not aware of how horrible healthcare can be.  I will use the name of the actual places where the monstrosity occurred but I will change the names of the guilty parties involved.  It is truly a bone chilling story.   Don’t ever let it happen to you!